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  1. JoshDIGRhodes

    Post your RC pics

    Thanks NtheDiggerFan. J. B. Scale Graphics did the graphics for me. The Flames are painted by E Z Customs. The Grandma Graphics were originally for ROR done by John Brown AKA DiggerFan.
  2. JoshDIGRhodes

    Post your RC pics

    Wow, i haven't posted in this thread since 2012. . .I guess its time for an update:
  3. JoshDIGRhodes

    MTM2 Max-D and Grave Digger

    That Digger looks familiar. Great work!
  4. JoshDIGRhodes

    On this day 5 years ago...

    Good lord. . .Back when I started to suck. Lol
  5. JoshDIGRhodes

    Wreckless Intent III

  6. JoshDIGRhodes


  7. JoshDIGRhodes

    Show Your Diggers Chapter 43

    When i get these finished you will only be downloading the truck files. Place the new truck files in and it fixes the trucks.
  8. JoshDIGRhodes

    Show Your Diggers Chapter 43

    I've been working on narrowing the leafers that are currently released. They now look a whole lot better:
  9. JoshDIGRhodes

    Show Your Diggers Chapter 43

    DF, that truck looks just as flawless as Heartbeat. Can't wait to see it with flags!
  10. JoshDIGRhodes

    A Farewell to everyone

    Keep your head held high, and thank you for providing a great service to our country Chris. We'll certainly all miss you.
  11. JoshDIGRhodes

    Show Your Projects Chapter 41

    krazyd24: Wheel Width actually means the width of the axle itself, not the tires. Wheel Base is the measurement from the center of the front axle to the center of the rear axle. That looks MUCH better DF. Hope you do that with all your Retro trucks, to give them more of that stock appearance from back in the day.
  12. JoshDIGRhodes

    Show Your Projects Chapter 41

    I truly do love your work DiggerFan, but that wheel width just throws the whole truck off for me. So very wide.
  13. JoshDIGRhodes

    Post your RC pics

    I mostly buy all my parts off of ebay. Occasionally you'll find a really good race truck on ebay for sale, usually a few good bashers to. When searching for parts i always search for "Clod" then when i run out of new stuff, i search "Clodbuster" for a few more results, then "Tamiya Clodbuster" all 3 searches lead to a few different things to pop up.
  14. JoshDIGRhodes

    Post your RC pics

    Yes, Grave Digger is a ZRP Diablo.
  15. JoshDIGRhodes


    METH! Long time no see bud, hope things are going well for ya.