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  1. dirtracer9

    Houston 2011

  2. dirtracer9

    Best Car Brand in 2013

    outlawed id have to agree partially. imo the 5.7 hemi is the winner dodge knows how to make some beefy engines that can be ran HARD..
  3. dirtracer9

    Forza Motorsport/Horizon Paint Designs

    almost all of my horizon cars are drift cars so heres a couple of the cars i usually drive and more than likely you can find my designs on the storefront under my GT dirtracer9 64 impala my personal drifter 98 supra 2012 challenger 392
  4. dirtracer9

    GTA 4 "fun run" on 360

    just to let everyone know im online and this is still goin on
  5. dirtracer9

    GTA 4 "fun run" on 360

    Saturday 2/23/13 at 6pm CENTRAL time my Gamertag is dirtracer 9 send me a message on xbox live lettin me know you're in
  6. dirtracer9

    GTA 4 "fun run" on 360

    does saturday (2/23/13) work for you guys??
  7. dirtracer9

    GTA 4 "fun run" on 360

    theres a ring by the airport with doors big enough to fit a car through that works awesome for derbies..
  8. dirtracer9

    GTA 4 "fun run" on 360

    Would anyone be interested in getting together and playing som GTA 4? probably do some stunting, demo derbies, races, cop out, etc. Try to come up with a time/date that works for everyone and go from there!
  9. dirtracer9

    Freestyle Mania At Columbus Ohio 2010 2/7/13 7:00pm

    Nevermind i will not be able to make this show
  10. dirtracer9

    Freestyle Mania At Columbus Ohio 2010 2/7/13 7:00pm

    Alex Veith Grave Digger AIM: veith51
  11. dirtracer9

    Tampa2012 fun run

    i was gonna run it tonight but what was supposed to be a simple project turned into a big ole mess
  12. dirtracer9

    Tampa2012 fun run

    Alex Veith Monster energy veith51
  13. dirtracer9

    forza horizon

    im diffinantly hooked and already caught the drifting bug thanks to the open lobby i was in last night and built a drift challenger, silvia, and carrolla... :/
  14. dirtracer9

    forza horizon

    who all has forza horizon?? maybe if theres enough people ill look into making a car club.. if you wanna hit me up and play my GT: dirtracer9
  15. dirtracer9

    Learning to dirt track race

    i got a buddy who runs a neon and is BAD fast in it too.. i wanted to get into this but mom said i was gonna get hurt so now im startin to race quad motocross instead.. lol