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  1. Building MTM3...

    Any update on this? His website doesnt work anymore.
  2. Show your Projects Chapter 10

    Thats cool. yeah LMD has a different cab and braces back to that rear shock towers. Glad my stuff is getting used thats all i wanted.
  3. Show your Projects Chapter 10

    sweet did you use any of my concussion to make that? looks tons better than mine lol. i really need to learn blender.
  4. Show Your Projects Chapter 7

    just saw this on the ROR forum. man that thing is bad. physics look spot on. gonna be awesome.
  5. Show Your Projects: Chapter 6

    what did you change on the tires? just the texture?
  6. Show Your Projects: Chapter 6

    2.04ish in that video did i just see a power wheelie? i have been trying to get the trucks to do that for a while and it either comes up too easy or it dont lol so good job.
  7. Show Your Projects: Chapter 6

    its cause they are online. none of the tires spin when playing online. that is why the flextire looks screwed up treed by jrob lol
  8. Show Your Projects: Chapter 6

    still in WIP status lol I did get it ingame but it still needs to be mapped and have a body put on it. Also i have Little MIss Dangerous pretty well done other than mapping it. This is an old pic without the motor.
  9. Show Your Projects: Chapter 6

    Amazing stuff there. Glad to see some of my parts in this. Wish I could of got Little Miss Dangerous done in time. Oh well that is down the road. That video got me super excited. Cant wait!
  10. Show Your Projects: Chapter 4

    FINALLY it is ingame lol. this is an older version tho so it is missing some things. got this and Little MIss Dangerous ingame but i need someone to map them both.
  11. Show your projects part 2

    the bigfoot looks AWESOME. are thos my ZF axles? if so that is awesome. one thing tho, the lower 4link bars should be at the point of the frame
  12. Show your projects part 2

    OMG Blue Thunder and Bigfoot!!
  13. Anyone fancy a FunnyCar?

    hmm i hadnt thought about that. ror doesnt do well with stuff spinning fast i have found that out messing with the monster trucks.
  14. anyone have a clue if ROR could do a 8000hp single speed drag car? thinking about whipping one up.
  15. Show your projects part 2

    probably but like i said i havent had time to work on anything. also got the little miss dangerous in the wip stange aswell