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  1. the lost relics of ROR sim monsters

    yea im not like that although i wish he would make a new one, i like to be honest
  2. in need of update

    nothing to special just updated textures would be nice
  3. in need of update

    I was just thinking of somebody updating to version 4 parts like this
  4. in need of update

    can somebody please update ashR's breakbles I would love to use updates version on selinas 2015 it a very satisfying track for freestyle and I think its about time we get something to toy with
  5. the lost relics of ROR sim monsters

    where simmonsters first started in cluding breakables
  6. so recently i found an old external hard drive of mine that contained sim truck pack 1 and ashR's breakable now ash robertson hasnt been involved on this site since 2012 so i decided to make these available to the community in hopes of somebody will to revamp the breakables, so feel free to experiment, please post any reworks for download for everybody to enjoy once more
  7. the lost relics of ROR sim monsters

    Version 1.0.0


    some old school fun
  8. Fail Pictures