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  1. Awsome

    Still didnt work Ryan said he was having trouble with it too..
  2. Awsome

    I cant get my trucks to work again it worked last night then it just stopped!
  3. Awsome

    Its working I had to extract the files thats what was messin me up... thanks!
  4. Awsome

    Did I think still didnt work im doing somthing wrong..
  5. Awsome

    Got it..
  6. Awsome

    Im having truble with like the vette king sting I cant get it to work when I try to use them it locks the game up
  7. Awsome

    Makes no diff man Im just a regular guy man yell at me if you have to!!! haha
  8. Awsome

    Ryan and I have all the guys in the shop burning this stuff down I just dont know how to down load the stuff once I got it though I can drive the wheels off them..
  9. Awsome

    I dont even know what that means!!! haha
  10. Awsome

    I just wanted to say what all you guys do is awsome I can barley do anything but drive the trucks but once I download the stuff I feal like Im driving the real thing!