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  1. RORMD Signups

    im just curious if the sign ups would be updated in the original post? i signed up but dont see my name, i guess i signed up wrong?
  2. RORMD Signups

    Name Luis Lebron Truck Blue Thunder if i could use different paint schemes for different events i would like to use This BT by John Dough or This BT by MJROR321 Aim Zios912 Rank Silver attended over 7 sm sanction events over my like year of racing
  3. Hump Day Shootout: Remington County Fairgrounds

    sorry bout this but if anyone wants gunslinger they can as i cant even run on the track with my computer i get 10-13 fps on the freestyle version
  4. Hump Day Shootout: Remington County Fairgrounds

    Luis Lebron Gunslinger(2013 Version) Zios912
  5. What tutorials on custom truck making would you guys like to see?

    i would say how to put a certain truck body on a different chassis. using myself as an example i loved the way the gunslinger physics feel to me but i dont to use the cab body style how would i go about putting a suv body and making it line up with the chassis.
  6. Holy hell..

    just checked and its still no bueno its like im hacking into the matrix kinda lol
  7. Holy hell..

    you mean like this? £è§¡è¶“ã½ ìš©ê«å˜¯ã©•è£­à´¦è¨­ëŒ«î›‚타⿩駡੃繵⋞ꮯ뻶陛౴ꯇ伶埶䡱⑻ᰴë¸î¬‚벵즶쀗狧䕛웎୔çƒè±¿á¡œë€—鞨☔ä¤é®Œå´ˆã½Šîªªâ£€ì½¡ç¸•Ë‡â¡§â¿±à®¨äŠ¹å»ç¥—瞬騧飂늷쨤ë«é¿¿æ¬¡âˆŒè¹²ë½Šä™‹ï¢‘ᛂ֚쿂ì¨ç‹ì‰Ó¤èž­í‰æˆ“ä“¼ä£‡ê·™à°°ç‡ ê¶¯ì‹¡ÊŸëµ©ç‚—çš·éƒ¿ïž¾?⊌꣺⇞涿佽镔염險飭둨✗輧羘뉋闻玢穟퉄ﴭ씦䮗⺸┪äˆè—…í‡²á´“ë†„äª¶äŒ¦ìŒµíƒ‰á›¼ë€ Ö„á¡›é¾¬ê´¬àµàº—祔㊈?柽ۗ玕⭲憸㢄ܙ숆?凢剌뎘æ¼î¦£â¦€ì˜Žæ™½á”¬ê²”?鬂⠫ä°ê»µë»‚â·’ï¡¨å¤©á šï…¯ç„“äžŒï 嘿䒺乡땚⬴æ²êŒ“㸣ြ曎凉Ⱓ脉兇í‘ãšŽêšŠíŠ’ç†½æ›‡ã”†ë‰ƒì‰ºå·¾î€ è—µë„§á«²á£¨î‰¿ï¼…â‘‡ä„» i have the same issue and posted this last night lol
  8. issue trying to edit settings

    well as the title says im trying to edit my sig but when i click on the my settings tab a page with a bunch of gibberish pops up
  9. SMTS @ Remond!

    EDIT: there is a 100% chance i wont be able to attend the event today going to new house to do some work. sorry bout this josh hopefully next week will be different.
  10. SMTS @ Remond!

    i think i can unless i have to go to new house to do some work if so i will post in here letting you know ahead of time
  11. The Substitute Fun Run

    Edit nvm cant make it gotta run go to store
  12. SMTS @ Remond!

    Luis Lebron Toxic
  13. Salinas Monster Jam*DAY CHANGE*

    EDIT Iron outlaw (Black)
  14. going to runs some errands i should be back before 7
  15. if you need any fill ins even tho i was in an event i could drive someone elses truck for them with there name and stuff. just think if ppl sign up for certain events atleast try to let the organizer know atleast a day b4 event if they will more than likely make it. just my opinion tho