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  1. 1 hour ago, Aeris Syrius said:

    It says you got the body from Activision. Was it ripped from a Monster Jam game or something? Because it looks like it's more well-designed than the V4 (only other) version.

    I got it from the v3 pack which most of the trucks in that pack had bodies ripped from the 2007 Game. 

  2. 10 minutes ago, Aeris Syrius said:

    Well I guess this makes my Blacksmith void.

    Nice looking trucks tho.


    Gotta start somewhere. My first truck was just simple body swap and that was about 3 years ago

  3. Crusader 2016

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    3 hours ago, TomM said:

    same .37 is most trucks usage


    3 hours ago, mrgravedigger23 said:

    great truck honestly it really is, only a few issues, when i spawn in game the axles,shock shafts and headers are white,and i have no sway bars or sway bar links other than that solid truck


    4 hours ago, madmanmonster said:

    The truck has missing parts and no sound, I am using .38 is that the problem.


    12 hours ago, ELAllen91801 said:

    your right same thing happened to me :(


    12 hours ago, monsterjamfan16 said:

    missing parts but its still cool

    I uploaded a new version that should fix these issues. This truck is not standalone. 


  4. Nice Work! You've definitely improved over the last year or so. I still remember when I helped you with GD 7 and GD 20 when you were just starting out as a truck maker. I have a favor to ask i'm working on a new SUD and I was wondering would you be interested in creating a new node structure for it and I would love to add working headlights for additional realism. Currently it just doesn't sit right to be SUD. And again nice work

  5. Terminator

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    how do i clear the cache because i cant download anything but tracks and id really like to get this truck :) looks great

    You have to open the rorconfig. exe and go under advanced settings. Then you Clear and Regen cache

  6. 2015 Titan

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    I didn't catch that on the headers but you are correct on that point (the headers being black when they are meant to be chrome).
    I'm having the same problem as well

  7. The first two are stock V4 paint, certainly not yours.

    Actually the only part of the paint is not mine on the patriot trucks is the logos. El toro on the other hand is stock V4 with an added spec map. Yovany the only part I used from yours is the logos so I credited you for those. The body on the other hand is not stock V4 it may look like it but it's not, it is actually Andrew's Chevy body from Equalizer. Everything else from the diamond plate texture to the extra stars on the 2014 paint are mine. hopefully that clarifies why I credited myself for the paintwork I did.