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  1. 50 minutes ago, steiale said:

    What a pleasant surprise! Haven’t heard from you in a while and this is cool so far! Might want to look into Blaise’s PEI node beam from his big pack because your wheel base is looking long. Also I think you have the old V4 SIR tires on there from what my eyes can see, and Andrew made some awesome updated SIRs not that long ago. Other than that, I still like seeing your content so keep it up!

    I actually just fixed the wheelbase, when I had originally built this truck a while ago I was using the node from Blaise's original pack before the huge update he did. The tires are the ones Andrew had made. 

  2. With Alien Invasion on the backburner for now I took some time away from releasing stuff to work on improving my trucks. I also decided to compile a list of trucks I've been wanting to do for a while. I few on the list are Updates to some of my currently uploaded trucks like SUD and Terminator, I'm also reviving a couple projects like Captain's Curse and Gas Monkey Garage. Anyways here's Gas Monkey.  JmjMf1u.png



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  3. 7 minutes ago, Chazzymp said:

    Quick and dumb question, do the lights flash/move? and how did you paint it? I painted an Alien Invasion a while back, but have the project temp shelved.

    Working on the lights. I painted it on photoshop using the pen tool and various shapes for the lines while using the real truck and hot wheels as reference.

  4. gUcN7AK.png


    Haven't posted anything truck related in a while. Been working on improving my trucks. Also figured I'd make a truck that hasn't been released on here. Might get back to redoing a few projects I started a while back after I finish this. My plan for this is to include both Chad Tingler's and Bernard Lyght's truck once this is completed.

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  5. 18 minutes ago, Andrew said:


    Currently on wrong base body and needs some refining.

    Could you send that to me also when it's done. Also if the Mutt Bodies are done I'm planning to revamp MM Brown and Dalmatian. I also could use the MP Meents Body

  6. 1. Bob Chandler- Created Bigfoot and revolutionized the Monster truck Industry

    2. Jim Kramer- The superstar of the TNT days and Co-founder of Bigfoot

    3. Dennis Anderson- Created one of the biggest names in the industry and an innovator of freestyle

    4. Tom Meents- 11-time champ and craziest driver in the industry.

    5. Dan Runte- The best driver the Bigfoot team has ever had and has won many championships to prove it

    6. Pablo Huffaker- An Innovator in the sport with is company Racesource and Being apart of Team Grave Digger for 20+ years

    7. Dan Patrick- Famous for is Chassis Design and famous for owning Samson and his days driving Pullers during the TNT days

    8. Pam Vaters- Driver of Boogey Van and paved the way for the female presence in Monster trucks

    9. Everett Jasmer- Creator of USA-1 and one of the original founders of the Industry

    10. Scott Douglass- The voice of Monster Jam


    Honorable Mentions: Jim Koehler- One of the craziest indies out there, Gary Porter- Famous for Carolina Crusher and former team grave digger driver, Allen Pezo- Long time driver and owner of Predator, Prowler, and Pouncer, Jack Wilman- One of the originals and created the Wilman style chassis with Taurus 3, David Morris- Famous for Equalizer and a former TNT Motorsports champion, Mike Vaters- Creator of Black Stallion and multi time Thunder Nationals champion, Charlie Pauken- Driver of Excaliber and Grave Digger also the 2010 Freestyle champion, Mark Hall-Famous for being one of the fastest drivers out there, Paul Cohen-Chassis Innovator, and Fred Shafer- Creator of Bearfoot. Fred was a serious threat especially during the PENDA series and early days of the USHRA/Monster Jam

  7. I for one start a little conservative then if I don't flip early start to go bigger as the run goes on. My favorite moves to do are wheelies,big air,donuts, and reverse moves including a reverse donut. If the track allows I like to hit a backflip towards the end of my run. I'm also not too huge on crazy saves. I like to try and keep my freestyles realistic 

  8. Thanks for the kind words. I've been on this site since 2011 and did not start getting into truck creating about a year after V4 came out. Getting ready to get back into it since taking a break from content creation for a month. My plan is to get my Captain's Curse pack done first then start working on my other projects. 

  9. 57 minutes ago, Hyp Hop Hyp Hop Hypocrite said:

    Okay Guys i need all of your opinions. i want to bring back an old custom but im not sure what chassis i want to use what looks better?



    This is without any work to the chassis so before everyone says i need to edge split i havent even done anything yet just want your guys opinion before i start

    Concussion, since there is not too many of those on this site.

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