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  1. Seriously people? Might as well change the title of this thread to Show Your Memes...
  2. @Hagan MoskauI've really got to say that you've come a long way in your truck making endeavors. That truck, imho, is your best looking one yet.
  3. In my mind, there really isn't much of anything the Mods can do as far as "taking action" against him. He is after all, making content, which the last time I checked (and I'm not a mod) isn't rule breaking. However annoying it may be for some to see him continuing to ignore suggestions, issues with his projects, spam, etc., I would think that the best thing to do is to simply ignore him. He's shown that he knows more than us as far as content making, otherwise he would have taken our numerous suggestions. He hasn't, and that's up to him. If he wants to spam SYP with sub par content, minute adjustments and unassuming posts, let him. If the Mods decide to take action in that regard, fine. If he wants to release trucks with reversed tires, fine. If he wants to release trucks with sub par texturing, textures, and detail, fine. If he doesn't want to take suggestions or accept any help, fine. We've all done our best, but he obviously doesn't want our help, so refuse to offer him any from this point on. Ya'll have done more than enough posting, and offered him many suggestions, so no one can say that we didn't try to help him. The easy thing to do is to ignore him entirely. When he doesn't get any upvotes, acknowledgement, downloads, etc. for his content, then maybe he'll start to listen, or start to take more time developing content instead of rushing out projects on that ill-fated and haphazard assembly line of his. That being said: I don't mean for my words to be some sort of "call to action" to turn the entire community against one hard headed member. What I am saying is that considering all the complaints, arguments, spam, etc. that has spawned from our distaste in his content, nothing good has come of it. It's just resulted in yet another thing that blows up out of proportion in the SYP thread. There's more unnecessary garbage listed in these threads with hardly any actual projects shown. I'm surprised people actually bother posting progress pics, as it's all drowned out with ridiculous, childish, and immature waste. So may I suggest that we all try to move on, and move forward.
  4. If I may chime in (I mean why not, this topic has been derailed well enough...again), when I made content, I never spam posted my project with every little singular and unnoticeable detail. If you do want to consider any of my past project posts as "spam", it would have been because I posted numerous pics in a single post to highlight the often detailed, and varied additions and content present within my project. I felt it was necessary to give attention to the work and time I put in to the project by doing so. I would also work on my project until I got it to a point where I deemed it ready for preview. Showing a half-assed, thrown together project doesn't impress. I would get everything adjusted that I could, preview my work, and continue working on it from there. Only when I made numerous adjustments, and put a lot more time in a project would I offer a preview update, which would sometimes vary in weeks or months since my last posting. Also, making a post asking "you like?" without highlighting or describing what you have done makes it all the more difficult for anyone to appreciate what you have accomplished. As I've said before, posting progress pics without adjusting what has been pointed out comes off as you blatantly ignoring what people who are trying to help you have brought to your attention (which you willingly ignore). Finally, if you are merely posting pics of your projects to "hope to get some recognition", then you're doing so with the wrong intentions. This is not a popularity contest. Forget about the upvotes or compliments. It's called "Show Your Projects" for a reason. Show off your work, yes, but also show off that you're actually improving and learning. Take your time, accept people's suggestions, and actually show that what they're saying isn't falling on deaf ears.
  5. @Garrett Hanson That sounds like a lot of arduous and unnecessary work considering you could just create a cylinder shape in blender and texture it to your needs. You haven't considered that?
  6. No one wants you to do anything the way THEY want it. They are offering you help based upon their knowledge and expertise. Trying to do things "your way" is great, but when your way leads to obvious and glaring issues such as the ones listed with your current project, it's ridiculous to ignore the suggestions and issues these other members bring to your attention. They are TRYING to help you. It's even more ridiculous when you release another "update" which shows minuscule adjustments while also blatantly ignoring the issues brought to your attention since your last "update", which gives others the idea that you aren't taking their advice.
  7. Sick air, lots of momentum, slap wheelies and sky wheelies.
  8. What I'm about to say has been said numerous ways many times before. It continues to fall on deaf ears and be ignored. Why I'm wasting my time writing this, I know not. Yet, here it is: The amount of spam the SYP threads attract anymore is astounding. Ludicrous arguments, needless spam, users not following the simplest of forum rules...this is more of a "List Your Complaint"/"Post Your Arguments" thread than a project thread. It's sickening and unnecessary. I don't know if it's a publicity/popularity thing to post these arguments back and forth, trying to make yourselves look good or gain some clout within the community by telling people off, proving "your right", or showing off how big of an arse you can be at any given time, or what. Whatever it is, it's foolish. A lot of the needless bs posted in these threads could have, and SHOULD BE taken to private messages. If you fail to take it to PM, then don't post it. All you do is clutter up a thread with nonsense. That, or this site really needs an off topic, aimless thread dedicated to people's spam posts regarding the content listed in this, and other threads. Though, that thread would likely be ignored by the bull headed morons who choose to spam up this thread. I hate to sound like an old man, but "back in the old days" the SYP thread was dominated by project previews, and people weighing in on each others projects. Constructive criticism was the norm, and was gladly accepted. There would be discussions on how to make the project better, insight, tips, and tricks. If there was a "heated debate", then it mostly consisted of people discussing the path of a project, especially if it was a replica. Not in a destructive manner, but a constructive manner. The SYP's of old built each other up to make better and better projects, for the greater good of the community. There wasn't much spam from people asking when projects would be done, offering nothing of their own. People didn't get butt hurt because someone critiqued their project. This thread has become a cess pool. People need to get their act together, grow up, and shut up. Keep the nonsense out of the project thread. Let the projects, the creativity, and the love that people have for producing content in this community shine through.
  9. So post in the help section to get started. One of the very first posts I made on this forum was in the help section because I wanted to get started making stuff. I'm sure there are people willing to help, and there are tutorials out there to aid you. I thought Blender was super confusing compared to Traxx but with a little guidance and a lot of trial and error I figured it out. I get that people get curious to the release of a project, but from what I've seen since your arrival, is that you've done nothing but constantly ask if someone is working on a particular track or how it would be awesome if someone made another track. It get's annoying. FAST. What's more is the SYP thread isn't the place to ask, or continuing asking. If you don't see updates on a particular track, then the creator is either taking a break or working on something else. If it's finished, then you'll see it when we see it in the Downloads section. When it's released is when it's released. Simple as that.
  10. Know what would be awesome? Laying off with constant requests.
  11. @Chris B that track looks awesome. Looking forward to throwing a truck around on it!
  12. Good to see the post your arguments and make complaints thread is in full effect. I come in here to see the latest WIPs and have to trudge through unnecessary crap from all the poo that gets thrown around in Every. Single. SYP Thread. I can understand people are tired of seeing Diggers. As much as I've always liked Grave Digger there seems to be a great influx of them as of late. However, it's a waste of time and entirely unnecessary to make a post "vocalizing" your dislike when you know it's not going to contribute or do anything. People are entitled to make what they like. Posting complaints isn't going to change that. Just deal with it silently instead of having to contribute even more needless complaints to an already complaint bloated thread. Oh who am I kidding? Look what thread I'm in...
  13. I could have sworn I posted this video in the file download listing/description of the track. It's pretty self explanatory once you follow the route in the video.
  14. @Dalton Erkenbrecher, that track looks fantastic. It's got a good MTM2 vibe to it with the look, layout and obstacles. I love an old school St Louis layout. If I may suggest: instead of curving out the front of the buses, making the buses themselves a ramp (which looks a bit silly), you could try either a vehicle stack, or a dirt ramp to accomplish almost the same affect. However, it's your track, so if that's what you want with the buses, you go for it. Just a thought I figured I'd share. No matter what, that looks like it'll be a fun track to toss a truck around on.
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