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  1. isonater911

    Avenger World Finals XV

    I have beau4x4's new updated soundpack but no sound for me. I can drive the truck, just no sound.
  2. isonater911

    Having some sound problems

    I did that, still no sound for heavy hitter, or even the new avenger truck posted.
  3. isonater911

    Having some sound problems

    The other day I installed a couple new trucks, and decided to play the game for the first time in a while and then I noticed that my sound wasn't working on alot of my trucks. I cleared cache, and nothing. I then re-installed the beau4x4 sound packs (even the updated one) and still nothing at all for some trucks such as the edelbrock truck, and heavy hitter . I have no idea what to do, any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. isonater911

    photography thread?

    IMG_4894 by acdcdude007, on Flickr
  5. isonater911

    V4.5 Tentative Truck List

    btw, David Rife never owned Black Knight..he just drove it. Weston has owned it since it was bought from Scott.
  6. isonater911

    Truck resets after hard hit.

    It seems to happen with most every truck with coilovers..It has happened after a hard side slap most times, but a few times not. Maybe its just with a hard landing. idk. Thanks for the info guys.
  7. isonater911

    Truck resets after hard hit.

    I do not know if this is supposed to happen or if it happens to you guys, but sometimes when I take a hard hit in a truck, the truck automatically re spawns. Is it supposed to do that? or is there something to turn on and off to make that quit happening. I see all of you guys fail pics with entire housings being ripped from under trucks and I know if I went to do something like that the truck would re spawn, so idk if maybe I have something wrong. Not really caring to try to rip something out from under the truck, but it sucks when you are playing and bam you re spawn outside the arena. Thanks in advance.
  8. isonater911

    2nd Gear

    I work the truck like a standard and use both 1st and 2nd in freestyle. If I want it to look wild I hit the jump in 1st, if I wanna jump far I shift to 2nd, then back down to first when I land. I never keep the truck in a single gear for long.
  9. isonater911

    Show Your Projects Chapter 16!

    I have the Strait Jacket artwork from the vinyl wrap guys if anyone needs it. I may have also sent it to Danny Maass before, so he may also have it.
  10. isonater911

    Trucks for next pack?

    Southern Sunshine and Cajun King
  11. isonater911

    NASCAR 2011: The Game

    I have liked it so far. I was having trouble with putting my car number on the side of the car in the create your car mode. I hit ok and nothing is on there. Though the other decals seem to work...idk its a fun game though.
  12. isonater911

    Show Your Projects: Chapter 4

    I have loads of pictures of Ballistic that you may use if you need em.. http://www.flickr.com/photos/35938450@N03/ under the Gonzales and Monroe sets.
  13. isonater911

    Southern Sunshine Leafer