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  1. Alford

    Blue Thunder 2018 Custom

    One of the best repli-customs on this site to date. Great job!
  2. Alford

    NAMT 2018 Individual Sign-Ups (CLOSED)

    Driver: Michael Alford Truck: Whirlwind Discord: Alford#8060 Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI Download: TBA Truck Song:
  3. Alford

    World Finals XIX Discussion

    Since we're only a year removed from one of the best shows in Vegas to date it makes this one seem extra lackluster. However, not the "worst World Finals ever" as I've seen a few of you say. Let it sit, your opinion will change over time.
  4. Alford

    Syracuse 2015 Experimental Funrun

    Thanks to everyone who came out for a great funrun, the new format worked out great and will be tweaked a bit for future events. Congratulations to Will for his Racing win, Joey for his Two Wheel win and Chad for his Freestyle and Overall win. Full results are below. Truck Total Racing Two Wheel Skills Freestyle Over Bored 29 10 6 13 Son-Uva Digger 28 12 11 5 Pirates Curse 26 1 13 12 Shock Therapy 25 13 1 11 Grave Digger 24 4 12 8 Rage 23 7 7 9 Northern Nightmare 21 8 9 4 Strait Jacket 20 11 8 1 El Toro Loco 20 9 4 7 Mutant 19 6 3 10 Soldier Fortune 16 3 10 3 Avenger 12 5 5 2 Lucas Oil Crusader 10 2 2 6
  5. Alford

    Syracuse 2015 Experimental Funrun

    Michael Alford Alford#8060 El Toro Loco (Red)
  6. Alford

    STS Pre-Season Event #2: 3/9/18 (Sign-ups Closed)

    Michael Alford Northern Nightmare
  7. Alford

    Fun Run: Sunday, March 4, 2018: Atlanta, GA, USA

    Michael Alford Alford#8060 Northern Nightmare
  8. Alford

    World Finals XIX Discussion

    The length of time of which you've been driving clearly doesn't matter in determining the field considering Neil was snubbed for years and Pablo hasn't been officially listed since 2014. I agree with Scooby-Doo being in the main field (thinking they may put Cynthia in it?) because it's a HUGE attraction for their casual fanbase, but Linsey just hasn't had the exposure yet.
  9. Alford

    El Toro Loco Marc McDonald 2013 (Black)

    Looks great overall, but if you're going with the 2013 version there's a few things you'd want to fix: Grey rims in 2013, not black yet Old Monster Jam logo on the bedsides Base color for horns is a bright red, not orange The tip of the hedders (muffler? somebody who knows these things help me out) is still grey, not black yet Yellow driveshaft cage, not orange yet Again, great work, just small details is all I see that could be better. Hope this helps!
  10. Alford

    Question About After-Show at Monster Jam

    Already gave the highlight of the year for Sim Monsters, I'd consider it a win.
  11. Alford

    Question About After-Show at Monster Jam

    I'm buying this as much as I am those $20 pit pass tickets. Anywho, wheres that downvote button?
  12. Alford

    STS Pre-Season Event #1: 2/9/18 (Sign-ups Closed)

    Michael Alford Titan (2016 Regular Season) Alford#8060
  13. Alford

    Summer Throwdown Series Season 1!

    Also would love to help if needed.
  14. Alford

    Rigs of Rods Monster Truck Challenge Season 1 Sign - ups

    Michael Alford Alford 80's: King Kong I (Red) http://www.mediafire.com/file/s0pwr7zrmmqvxvv/V4+Leafer+Pack+%23+2.zip 90's: Auto Value King Krunch http://www.mediafire.com/file/8ebyxzwq0z061ir/AutoValueKingKrunch90.zip
  15. Alford

    Show Your Project Chapter 61

    While we're on the subject... My first cloning, as well, so here's hoping it works.