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  1. JDeezie82

    Stomper Bully

  2. JDeezie82

    World Finals 13

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  4. JDeezie82

    Show Your Projects Chapter 38

    Figured since I haven't done anything with this in a while, and since John Dough's BKTs look so boss, I thought I'd get back to updating it. Not much left to do, mainly just change the color on the shocks and tidy up a few loose ends. If anyone wants to throw some lexan on it that would be great.
  5. JDeezie82

    Show Your Projects Chapter 35

    That Over Bored is looking great! I wanna add a windshield to the Mutt I've been working on but I haven't attempted it yet. Haven't done my research into making transparent textures yet.
  6. JDeezie82

    Show Your Projects Chapter 35

    I've been giving him a mixture of Mighty Bone and Minwax. So I've adjusted a few things. Fixed the sharp edges with the png, and toned down the spec map more. Lemme know if you guys think I should tone it, or anything else down. I like bodies that have a little shine because I think they look more like the real thing, but I guess I got a little too gloss happy when I redid the body.
  7. JDeezie82

    Show Your Projects Chapter 35

    Yeah I just wish I knew what I was doing. Making a truck once a year or so isn't the best form of practice.
  8. JDeezie82

    Show Your Projects Chapter 35

    I see what you're saying now. Around the edges it looks rough. Might be the layer masks I used in Photoshop. I'll tweak it and see if it'll smooth out.
  9. JDeezie82

    Show Your Projects Chapter 35

    Upon further review, yes the Mutt was too shiney. Knocked some of the sheen off so you kids won't go blind.
  10. JDeezie82

    Show Your Projects Chapter 35

    Progress. It's getting closer.
  11. JDeezie82

    Show Your Projects Chapter 35

    Thanks man. I was originally gonna use the one in the V4 parts blend but thought this one looked cooler. I'll fix it up.
  12. JDeezie82

    Show Your Projects Chapter 35

    A little Mutt update. I decided to just redo the chassis components from the ground up. I started with the frame and added everything back in, taking bits and pieces from various chassis. Don't mind the sponsors on the sponsor plates, they're only temporary. I've still got a little bit of tweaking to do, and finishing the sponsor plates and then I think it'll be closer to being done.
  13. JDeezie82

    Show Your Projects Chapter 35

    Since I had a little downtime and I'm kinda at a hold on the Mutt, I thought I'd give Metallica350's request for a Nitro Circus Raptor a shot. There's still a good bit left to do but it's off to a decent start I think. Basically just retro fitting and trimming the V4 NItro skin onto John Dough's Raptor body.
  14. JDeezie82

    Regarding sounds.

    First, make sure you have Beau's sounds in your V4 zip file. Then you have to open the .truck file and find this section, soundsources 98, GraveDiggerEngine 98, GraveDiggerStarter Then replace the "Digger" sounds like this, soundsources 98, Zoomies 98, MonsterStarter 98, Monsterreverse Then clear and regen your cache and you should be good to go. Side note: All of the exhaust sounds will be typed in the same way as the "Zoomie". So if you wanted mufflers you'd type Mufflers instead of Zoomies, and so on. The Starter and Reverse sounds will stay as they are above. Hope this makes sense.