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  1. Haven't been active in a long time but just picked up my new wheel setup, Thrustmaster TX with shifter and everything. Getting big into sim racing with iRacing and Assetto Corsa and thought I would give RoR a shot with the wheel. I am having an incredibly hard time configuring the controls for it. The throttle and brake are opposite, they are full accelerate when I have no pressure, and when I push it down, the truck decelerates. (opposite of what should happen). Also I don't know which control is rear steer on the config so I can't map it. One last problem I'm having is that the controls keep thinking I'm using a keyboard when I'm entering the buttons on my wheel to configure them. The control mapping on RoR sucks so much. I tried .37 with its input config screen and even .47 which doesn't even have a config screen, just a text editor. If anyone has a Thrustmaster TX and can share there keymapping that would be great. Thanks! Also, if I do get this to work I will be making videos with the wheel cam. (IF I CAN GET IT TO WORK) Thanks again
  2. Join through this https://discord.gg/0yU0hVuMlAQq0xwj
  3. for some reason i cant add you on discord, says there is no username with your name
  4. AIM mainly, the way we are going to do it tonight is we will all be in the server at once
  5. I can try and help, we're using a friends server, so all you need to do is put the IP in and the password and you should be good
  6. I've never used it but we can try it
  7. About an hour, if it goes by fast we can have more
  8. Lets have a little fun run tonight on a private server at 7:00 eastern time. Track will be East Rutherford 2014. Please use either Stock V4 or Eddy or Chris's update. Comment below if you can make it and what truck you want. We'll have a Skype call open to anyone in Track Link:
  9. Working on some stuff for my 2015 Mustang GT. Nothing big, probably just wheels, tires, some small engine mods. I know a friend who is building his motor for his 93' Fox
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