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  1. Travis

    Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" Thread 2015

    Work at home wouldn't let me go work Vegas. But no, however, I did get sang to and got a cake when we went to Bootleggers.
  2. Travis

    Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" Thread 2015

    You're welcome.
  3. Travis

    Indy World Finals

    Go to Monster Truck Throwdown's show at Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Pretty much indy World Finals.
  4. Travis

    "What Happened?" Thread

    CVH drives #23, not #25. #25 is Gary Porter's truck.
  5. Travis

    Show Your Projects Chapter 32

    Those Max-Ds look good, but as Kozak pointed out before, they only thing I can say about them are that the shocks must be straight up and down without any angle.
  6. Travis

    World Finals XV Discussion

    I'm thinking the YGS is going to be between Mike Jr., Coty, Travis, and Daron. I don't have too many complaints line up wise. Looks good compared to the last few years.
  7. Sorry, but Eric is not at World Finals level. Sure he can drive, I agree, but those trucks aren't run the high level that they need to be run at to participate. Just being honest here. And Trent isn't in it because A. His chassis is being used by Joey, and B. He doesn't have a lot of stadium experience. He ran mostly small stadiums. FELD did a great job this year with the line up in both the big show and the Young Guns Shootout.
  8. Travis

    Show Your Projects Chapter 31

    Sean's new truck is stunning! Good work to those involved.
  9. Travis

    Show Your Projects Chapter 31

    It will definitely help to cut a lot of verts out of the stadium model too, that's where a lot of lag probably comes from. Take it down to bare bones if you have to. But hey, leave it detailed if you want to.
  10. Travis

    Show Your Projects Chapter 31

    Track looks awesome, Dylan. I do want to point out that a lot of your larger tracks do lag annoyingly, and this track looks great so I hope you can keep the lag down on this one.
  11. Travis

    World Finals XV Discussion

    Field is now more than half full. Hopefully there are a couple of surprises in the line up.
  12. Travis

    World Finals XV Discussion

    I threw the lineup in the original post just for reference. Getting closer! I'll be flying in the eighteenth and flying out the twenty fifth.
  13. Looks like Raptor front clip possibly.
  14. Travis

    Show Your Junk Chapter 30

    Is that second one Over Bored? Just guessing by the cab.