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  1. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Probably EFI. With feld doing a bunch of cost cutting/streamlining that would seem the logical engine upgrade that hasn't been done yet and really should be for fuel savings. or Use of some ethanol blend fuel. Most Motorsports have recentlyish made the switch bar NHRA, indycar uses 100% ethanol, nascar E15, v8 supercars e85, and f1 as well
  2. Post your RC pics

    Team Juice Cube 2.0 Basically a small run chassis that you have to be sorta on a waiting list for one. 1.0 had 5 (each individually numbered, I have #5, used real brass in the bottom, spring/summer of 2015)https://flic.kr/p/WYiYAs 2.0 had 10-12 (none numbered seen above, changed to anodized aluminum bottom, summer of 2016) 3.0 also had 10-12 (referenced as Cube^3. lower plates are black instead of gold, spring of 2017)
  3. photography thread?

    Some photos from the 2017 4-link nationals Day 1: https://www.flickr.com/gp/99772360@N02/010h0i Day 2: https://www.flickr.com/gp/99772360@N02/hu39jy
  4. photography thread?

    Back at it for another Summer Jam
  5. photography thread?

    Was a fun week!
  6. photography thread?

    Last rc event for awhile.
  7. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

    Considering he spent the entire first quarter working with/for Feld I cant understand why they suddenly disappeared. /endsarcasm
  8. photography thread?

    Bar none my favorite body I've had painted. Always loved the truck as a kid, just the truck sucked. Body still looks crazy good even though its close to 5 years old now. Battle scared and battle tested, still my favorite.
  9. photography thread?

    Some race pictures, then two 'studio' shots of my trucks
  10. photography thread?

    Some pictures from some of the past events
  11. Show Your Projects Chapter 55

    Chrome grill is a solid choice. I'd save the charcoal for when you change the name fill color as we mentioned before, and even then the chrome may look the part better as the chrome as it is currently seems to match the light greys very very well.
  12. Show Your Projects Chapter 55

    You're right, however what he did is 10x cooler and should be adopted for the real trucks (diggers at least).
  13. Show Your Projects Chapter 55

    Looks very good. Paint work is very clear and flows very well. Curious have you tried any other colors for the logo? Some contrasting color for that logo might make the name "pop" rather than blend in with the background. Like with other parts of the truck you used a white letter with a black outline. Not sure about white but maybe a light grey like the planes look to be with a subtle black outline? Something to just make it stand out. If you use the light grey you could do the fade thing thats going on with a darker more black grey for the same effect, obviously with the black outline I wouldn't go black but a charcoal ish color may not be bad for a similar effect. Also with the bits of grey you currently have it may tie the entire scheme together and be the cherry on top. Of course it may not but just something to consider.
  14. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

    To be fair some of their recent hires motorsports experience is pretty exaggerated.