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  1. Since the Coke 600 is getting closer figured I'd start this Pick'Em thing again. Should make it an official thing from now on. Any who what is your guys pick to win the race.
  2. I'm not a track maker but damn you're demanding. keep that up and you will soon end up like a certain someone that's been annoying us lately.
  3. Dirt Track: Lakeside Speedway NASCAR: Kansas Speedway
  4. Duck Tape and a piece of string can fix everything.

  5. I'm sure some you guys here at SM fish every once and a while. What was your biggest fish you caught and what lure you used to catch it?
  6. Being a cowboys fan, I like the paint on the body, anyways excellent job sir.
  7. Just made this last night because of Colorado State Pueblo Thunderwolves 13-0 Win oer Minnesota State to win a National Championship. I might need some help with this only because I'm not too experienced with blender but It's a start for only my second truck representing a team. Feedback is welcome.
  8. I need help with making this truck, HELP!!!!!

  9. I was wanting to know if anyone had a baked image of possibly a 2005 Chevy Silverado, I have a truck idea that I want to make but I'm needing a Chevy silverado from 2005. Would be much appreciated.
  10. I made a design last night but I need help on how to add the image to the .blend file in blender. I'm using blender 2.49 so do I need to get 2.6+ or is there a way to do it in blender 2.49. I am looking for someone that would actually make the truck for me and I'll send them the image so they can do it only because I don't much experience with blender. If someone wants to make the truck for me send me a message.
  11. We are at that time when NASCAR finally ends the season with a champion, but who would be your pick to win the race and the championship. Vote for which driver you think will win the championship and post which driver will win the race.
  12. Name: Reverse Racer Body: 2008 Chevy Silverado Chassis: Custom Straight Up Racing Chassis Paint (images of color/graphics): Other details: All credit goes to of course Monster X Tour. Only pictures I could find of the truck.
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