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  1. iRacing Screenies

    Okay, I guess this thread is a thing again
  2. ROBLOX Monster Jam Tours (no im not kidding)

    buddy, i'm an old fart. those are 2009-2010 names. man i wish i knew where they were now
  3. ROBLOX Monster Jam Tours (no im not kidding)

    gimmie that old crew. kidman3, wondrous, spyclops9, davisman10, speedx77, holla at me boys
  4. ROBLOX Monster Jam Tours (no im not kidding)

    this whole thread
  5. NR2003 Projects - Chapter 1

  6. Unofficial NASCAR 2018 season thread

    i don't trust a racing series that's only exciting when it looks like this at the end
  7. Unofficial NASCAR 2018 season thread

    garbage. watch indycar instead
  8. Favorite Metal/Rock bands?

    The Wesley Willis Fiasco
  9. NR2003 Projects - Chapter 1

    new year new me
  10. NR2003 Projects - Chapter 1

  11. NR2003 Projects - Chapter 1

    102 cars and counting
  12. NR2003 Projects - Chapter 1

    I literally want to die help me please existence is pain bazinga
  13. RIP Chester Bennington

  14. NR2003 Projects - Chapter 1

  15. Cloning and submitting a truck AGAIN

    Don't care. If you can't figure this out then you probably need help tying your damn shoes.