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  1. Blair Lockhart Mohawk Warrior Discord: Your guess is as good as mine
  2. @Chris B if you look in the third picture you can see some dirt textures errors, other than that it looks good.
  3. Not gonna lie if your computer can’t run that track you probably shouldn’t download it just in my honest opinion. Trucks have been getting vastly more detailed but no one ever makes a lower quality truck? We are at an age where quality of tracks has to be set and kept at a high standard so I personally don’t see a need for a medium or low quality track when the game itself has been greatly optimized over the last few years. We are still stuck in .37 with some of these tracks time to break that mold. Great job @Chris B for doing that again.
  4. Hey I just needed some help trying to model my own speedway and stadiums trying to get back into the content making. If there is any tips or anyway you can help me with it because it is my first time doing it can you just pm on here since I cant seem to message you.
  5. That looks horrendous. We know those cars dont hold up through wheelies,
  6. Driver: Blair Lockhart Truck: BLACK PANTHER MONSTER TRUCK Discord: I think its Blair or something close to that Hometown (Optional): Nassau, Bahamas Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/uga337h0js9el7m/BlackPanther.zip Truck Song (Optional):
  7. Blair Lockhart Discord: I think it’s Blair idk I’ll find out later Truck: Monster Energy Note: Slight chance I don’t show up cause it’s Easter but we will see just message me on Facebook Gajewski.
  8. Blair lockhart son uva digger discord: dantesroom( I think)
  9. Why in god's great name would he even do that. Damon loves to drive but the guy likes his money first and investing all that time and money into an indy when before he was getting paid to drive a sponsored truck doesnt make a damn bit of sense
  10. BeamNG is obviously better and if they can get multiplayer in it I think that is a huge step in a direction for this community because it has been at a stand still for awhile.
  11. A bit salty I wasnt even nominated for black guy of the year :(
  12. Yoo that track looks pretty cool, what is the racing layout gonna look like though?
  13. That show was incredibly pointless and the thought of them doing more of those things is horrible. also the trakcs look the same as this year of course no change in much of anything right now but whatever this is a start.
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