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  1. Yup, just had irl stuff get in the way (and I'll admit I kinda forgot about it a little bit too lol). I'll get all of them sorted out and update the link in the next few days.
    I liked the original version of this truck quite a bit, but this is leap and bounds better. Been nice to see the improvement of your trucks over the course of the last several months, and also props for using a body doesn't see much love in the customs area.
  2. I literally have no idea what I'm gonna do with this, was just in the mood to mess around in blender and voila. Body was made by either Sheets or Fern (not sure which) and the chassis is the old Xtermigator from Kozak's pack. But I did have to heavily modify said chassis to fit the body on it properly, to show you how much I present this little extra show and tell pic. On the bottom is the original chassis, and on top is the one I modified.
  3. Good job on both, there are a couple things I think could really make the Ole Glory scheme pop more but there's nothing wrong with it at all; we all start somewhere and trust me my first few paints were nothing to write home about. Keep up the good work.
  4. Now that's a last name I haven't seen in a while. I remember your dad very well, used to race and chat with him quite a bit. Matter of fact, him and his brother were some of the first people I ever raced with when I got into this dealio. Hope all is well with him cause I haven't heard from him in ages, but yes a fair number of us still play though some do on a limited basis.
    Not 100% perfect, but still very good overall for your first big replica project.
  5. Chadwick Deerfoot Excaliber CMDeerfoot#5139
  6. Chadwick Deerfoot CMDeerfoot#5139 Shock Therapy
  7. CMDeerfoot


    you always have unique takes on custom trucks, and this is no exception; nicely done once again.
  8. Good to see ya back, I remember racing ya back in the day in some of the older leagues. Actually cool to see some of the other veterans returning to this place.
  9. Really neat take on the identity, also dig the touch of the flames on the sponsor panels.
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