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  1. In the back, same as the original Mr. Beardman. I went through and redid my CMD Racing Signature Series chassis to lower the center of gravity to update the original truck, but I decided to also use it on 2.0 and test out some other changes. The wheelbase will be significantly shorter than the original which is a change for me since I usually prefer longer trucks. Basically I'm trying to figure the optimal variation of my design through trial by fire, once I get it where I think it's gucci I'll release it to the public in the scrapyard section nodebeam included for anyone who may wanna use it.
  2. Little something I've been working on... #ThingsAreAboutToGetHairyAgain
  3. Been far too long since I've seen that name, good to see ya back no matter if it's on a regular basis or not. Some stuff has changed, moved to a newer version of ror (might move to the latest version once we have things sorted out with the new trucks we're making), and looking to expand out with more types of vehicles sometime soon hopefully. Here's hoping we might see ya run again in the future, even if it's just once in a blue moon.
  4. Not sure this site is "inactive" exactly considering stuff is regularly posted in various areas on here (including this train wreck of a thread), but that isn't the point that needs to be made here. The point that needs to be made is that this is quite possibly the most pointless thread ever posted, like there is literally zero reason for this thread to exist on this forum since the stupidity that occurred took place outside of this forum. And you think being called a pleb is bad, I've had every possible insult thrown at me in games and irl; stuff that would literally get you fired from a job. Granted these people shouldn't treat others like crap, but today's society is basically built around bullying others even though we're well aware of the potential consequences. Regardless of that, you all need to realize that you're having arguments over a video game that is supposed to be played to have fun and forget the troubles of the outside world for awhile. Please take a minute and try to realize just how much of a waste of time and energy it is to be fighting over pointless crap like this, and even more so to bring a private matter from a private group onto a public forum to try and gain some sort of sympathy or support for a situation that is beyond childish.
  5. Yeah I apologize for the wait, there were personal reasons for it but they're not important. I said I would fix it and I shoulda done it sooner. I also wanna apologize again for not saving the logos in the other folders, I swore I did but I guess I only worried about the directly related MT logos. I'll work on trying to get some things together and rebuild those other folders, and also be on the lookout for more made from scratch logos from myself and others.
  6. Alright, just to let everyone know I'm gonna be locking this thread since I was unable to edit the original post. So far there's only folders for Monster Truck Logos and Promoter Logos, I thought I had saved the other folders Edy had on my Google Drive but that doesn't seem to be the case. As soon as we can get enough logos for those other types, I'll make folders for them and add them to the main post on the new thread.
  7. Alright, since I'm unable to edit the old thread I'm gonna go ahead and make a new one. Within this thread you will find links to Google Drive folders containing logos and fonts for use with most aspects of what we do here, from monster truck logos, to logos for promoters, to banner logos, sponsors ect. Please feel free to post logos and fonts in the comments, but you must specify whether the logo is: - An original creation (made by you or someone else), and if you are posting someone else's work make sure you have their permission to post it and give them credit. - Found on a website or forum, or from some other fashion of search. You can also use this thread to ask for help in finding logos or fonts or possibly getting them made. If you wanna to add logos to the collection, just say as much on your post and I will add them asap. Also if you want a logo removed just let me know and it'll be taken care of, I will also add folders for other types of logos when needed. Monster Truck Logos Logos and graphics from trucks past to present. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1M8BPEnTGnA3CdnNN7InsQUcP8lUunPlD Promoter Logos Logos from various promotions that put on monster truck events. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GYvSek6nx7eRUQGL2kd4TORLoLurIAXb Special thanks to all of these members who've helped contribute to this thread. Contributors: @Tom P. @Mark Colineri @CMDeerfoot @RKM @Double.D ッ @Roach @acdcfan56 @steiale @John Dough @Mr. Self Destruct @Salty Southside MBJ 595 @iZonarYT @Gabe2304 @Gillis @Edy
  8. Yup, just had irl stuff get in the way (and I'll admit I kinda forgot about it a little bit too lol). I'll get all of them sorted out and update the link in the next few days.
    I liked the original version of this truck quite a bit, but this is leap and bounds better. Been nice to see the improvement of your trucks over the course of the last several months, and also props for using a body doesn't see much love in the customs area.
  9. I literally have no idea what I'm gonna do with this, was just in the mood to mess around in blender and voila. Body was made by either Sheets or Fern (not sure which) and the chassis is the old Xtermigator from Kozak's pack. But I did have to heavily modify said chassis to fit the body on it properly, to show you how much I present this little extra show and tell pic. On the bottom is the original chassis, and on top is the one I modified.
  10. Good job on both, there are a couple things I think could really make the Ole Glory scheme pop more but there's nothing wrong with it at all; we all start somewhere and trust me my first few paints were nothing to write home about. Keep up the good work.
  11. Now that's a last name I haven't seen in a while. I remember your dad very well, used to race and chat with him quite a bit. Matter of fact, him and his brother were some of the first people I ever raced with when I got into this dealio. Hope all is well with him cause I haven't heard from him in ages, but yes a fair number of us still play though some do on a limited basis.
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