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  1. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    tbh you really don't need to do that since i have a newer willys body you can use, but you definitely wanna wait until pics of the actual truck get posted; take your time and make it as close to perfect as possible. Many others have rushed to be the first to make something and the results have been less than stellar, don't make the same mistake mi amigo.
  2. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Press release from Monster Events, one of the promotions from down under; seems they are expanding out big time, and I'm interested to see how it goes.
  3. SMRA Season 4 Update Post!

    Strictly 4.6, we had way too many issues pop up while trying to use 4.5. Even the people who are now working on RoR said that 4.5 was extremely unstable on all fronts, especially the online play.
  4. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    The obvious and glaring issue on both the red Digger and the Blue Thunder is the fact that they are on the wrong chassis. The red Digger should be a 2nd gen PEI (presumably Digger #14's chassis), and depending on the year the chassis on Blue Thunder should be either a 2nd gen PEI or an early CRD; but this is all a mute point if these are supposed to be repli-customs. If they are, then being accurate means jack squat; but if they're supposed to be replicas, then yes he needs to fix the problems to achieve the proper end result.
  5. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

    If what he said on the post is true, he's actually gonna build it back up as a monster.
  6. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

    Jimmy Durr. the owner and driver of the Reckless Militia mega truck. More than likely.
  7. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

  8. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Most everything there looks great. The monster mutt looks good if it's a repli-custom, if it's supposed to be a replica then the chassis is the right manufacturer but wrong model.
  9. Excaliber #1

    Excellent work as always.
  10. SMRA 2017 Start Date

  11. Ok so I've had this idea in my mind for a couple of years now, and talked about it with some of my close friends here on the site who are willing to help make this a reality. But I wanna know if there would be an interest in seeing this happen from the rest of the community before me and my team put all of the work needed into this dealio. My plan would see a league that runs 3 types of mud racers: mega trucks, mud rails, and pro stock/pro modified. Now mega trucks have been on this site for a little while now, but we aim to improve upon what we currently have. The other 2 classes are something entirely new to not only this site, but online auto racing in general. The rail cars are one of the most popular classes in mud racing and where a few famous names in the monster truck world got their start in motorsports, such as Tom Meents (Shake Me), Tony Farrell (Blue Ribbon Bandit), Paul Shafer (Mud Patrol) to name a few. The pro stock/modified class is a relatively newer class that has sprung up over that last 10 to 15 years and features full bodied trucks and cars, and they are a fair bit shorter in length compared to the rail cars. Below I'll post some examples of the vehicles I'm speaking of, just so you can get a better idea of what each class looks like. Now the plan is to run a season that goes for about 6 to 8 weeks, and everyone would be able to choose how many classes they run in; so you could run in all 3, pick and choose any of the 2, or only run in 1 of the 3. The mega trucks would run in timed obstacle courses, while the pro mods and rail cars would run in timed straight line mud drags; and everyone would get 2 passes in each vehicle they run. So that's pretty much it, if you need to see more of what these vehicles entail go lookup some videos of them on youtube. I think this could turn out to be something really special and fun for everyone on here, but what I think doesn't matter; it's what the rest of you folks that does, so please vote in the poll and let me know. Mega Trucks (by now everybody has more than likely seen what a mega truck looks like, but for benefit of those who might be living under a rock here you go.) Mud Rails Pro Mods
  12. Screenshot of the Week!

  13. Screenshot of the Week!

    Little Tiger in it's natural habitat.
  14. Proud. (Please Read)

    I too thank you for the kind words, though my contribution to this site isn't anywhere near what some other folks have done. But i'll be honest, I never thought I would get as involved as I have with this game and community. I love painting truck skins and will continue to do so as long as people need paints done, and I wanna thank anyone and everyone who has trusted me enough to make a skin for them. On the other hand, running a league is something I never thought I would do but it just so happened that one day I went a bit insane in the membrane and went head long into it; and thus RoR MT Pro was born. From there came helping out with other leagues such as ORL, SSRS (rip), SMRA and a few others, as well as hosting the Hump Day Shootouts and a few King Of The Hill events. Now MTP has been on hiatus for a couple years but it is far from defunct, and I will run it for sure this year; it will be scaled back from what I had originally planned, but it'll still be fun. Oh, and rest assured that I will get something happening with the leafers as well; and I might have something in the works that has never been seen before around these parts too. I'm far from done on this site and this site is far from dead imo, so until I see otherwise expect me to continue being active around here in more ways than one.
  15. Screenshot of the Week!

    One of the officials at Gaithersburg snapped this shot of Twisted Dragon during it's qualifying run.