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  1. Please Help

    If you have white and missing parts, thats because you dont have the textures for those parts and the missing are because you dont have those parts
  2. Show Your Projects Chapter 57

    Outlawed, as soon as I saw this chassis, I automatically thought of Cruella De Vil's car from 101 Dalmations
  3. Show Your Projects Chapter 56

    Someone convinced me to get Mercenary going again since I lost everything when my laptop went down a year ago
  4. Show Your Projects Chapter 55

  5. Syracuse 2016

    Still doesnt work
  6. World Finals 17

    I wouldnt say I fixed it, but I set it to caleum in the config and the pink doesnt show up, but thats on my end, I dont know if itll work for anyone else
  7. Real Name: Jonathan Soto Discord Username: Nitro Psycho Hometown: Orlando, FL. Truck Name: Joker Make/Model: Ford F-250 Truck Download: TBA
  8. Show Your Projects Chapter 50

    This came out better than I thought!
  9. Show Your Projects Chapter 49

    It aint great but I like it, turned out better than expected
  10. Show Your Projects Chapter 48

    Seems about right to me, 2 things, the turning cars on the left side of the picture, those are 3 1/2 squares from the finish line, the cars on the right are 4 1/2 squares from the finish line, leave those but pull the left side cars further out, also the racing jumps are a half a square off from each other...........aside from those 2 things it does seem a bit too wide
  11. Soldier Fortune Black Ops

    For whatever reason I cant get lexan to work, I copy the formula and what not but I cant get it to work to save my life
  12. V4 ReplicaSoldier Fortune Black Ops

    View File Soldier Fortune Black Ops Soldier Fortune Black Ops, my first truck in over a year, hope it works and everyone likes it as much as I do! Submitter Nitro Psycho Submitted 06/17/2016 Category V4 Replica
  13. Soldier Fortune Black Ops

    Version 2.0


    Soldier Fortune Black Ops, my first truck in over a year, hope it works and everyone likes it as much as I do!
  14. Show Your Projects Chapter 48

    Im suprised I havent seen anyone make this yet, she aint pretty but good
  15. ROR dead?

    Either A. they're not done with the site, therefore you cant log in or B. they got rid of peoples accounts cause I cant log in and it says my email address isnt a valid when I goto "lost password"