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  1. If what you're hoping for is World Finals XX, you'd be right
  2. I made "Air Force A-10"......look's like sh*t, should've left it alone lol
  3. I believe they use a Cohen chassis ensted of a CRD
  4. Really? I dont remember that but ok, thanks!
  5. Will we be able to use repli-customs or just straight customs?
  6. If you dont or cant make a custom truck for yourself, you can look on this site of custom trucks and if there is one you like, you can ask that person for permission to use it.
  7. If you cry over this, your head will probably explode from the one Andrew is making, 1000000000000 times better
  8. This is a very very VERY crude design, the body is under 600 vert's, so yeah. Anyway, I'm not good at painting, so if someone wouldn't mind and would like to paint it, give me a shout. It is NOT in pieces nor mapped, so you'll have to do that too. I know it's no where near like it should be and bars popping out, so if someone wants to fix it, ask and I'll send it.
  9. Why would 29 be retired? Randy hardly runs that truck hard
  10. Name: Jonathan Soto Truck: Captain's Curse 2016 Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/lndvvdh48avg44b/CaptainsCurse2016.zip/file
  11. RoR server name: Soto Discord: Soto#0278 Truck: Monster Energy 2015 (Damon) Truck link: WIP
  12. Name: Jonathan Soto Truck: The Black Pearl Monster Truck Truck Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/dp5t47d7ckuxi9v/BlackPearl.zip Discord: Soto#0278
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