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  1. Sim- Monsters V4

  2. Just another one of those days...

    Glad to hear you made it out PM. Hopefully the idiots around SC get out when I get my License.
  3. World of Tanks

    It all depends on your PC specs. my 6 gigs of RAM Dual AMD processers @ 300GHZ and ATI Radeon HD 4800 can't run the beta but at 11 fps when i get 40 in tanks
  4. Thank You

    Hey, a thank you is a thank you...
  5. If he or she is 11 then they don't need to be on here. That simple.
  6. Oh, my god..

    Right, but Pricorde isin't really around anymore.
  7. Why do other vehicles handle like crap in ROR?

    Depends, what kind of car are you trying to drive? If it is RWD (rear wheel drive) then, due to the horrid differential code, if you put your foot to the floor, all you are gonna do is gigantic donuts (even with TC).
  8. Custom MeMe's

    Is dat a lepage I see coming up from Jimmie? Big surprise there.
  9. tanner fousts rally car

    I don't. Granted, the IQ insult was a bit over kill but it would help if Tom took three seconds to formulate a proper sentence. Good grammar and spelling go a long way here.
  10. Favorite PC Games

    Nr2003 Rigs Of Rods Combat arms
  11. tanner fousts rally car

    I would think that this would be easy to flip...
  12. Finger Lakes 355 at the Glen Pick em'

    Gordon, and Eric why do you hate on Jr so much? He is actually doing well this year.
  13. how do i play game!

    I'm gonna be honest, do you HAVE to put four exclamation points after your question?
  14. Aim accounts being breached

    All people that hack are just 13 year olds that don't know the consequences of it if you are 18 or over (in the U.S anyway).
  15. Custom MeMe's

    Thank you!