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  1. Edy

    Mexico City 2013.4

    Yes you idiot, and it's ugly, can't you make your own country track well?
  2. Edy

    San Diego 2009.4

    Yeah, definitly made by me This is so ugly tho I'll remake it someday i hope
  3. If anyone knows how the texture bump works on Rigs Of Rods please contact me.
  4. Edy Beltran Edy#3598 Brutus
  5. Hello. I'm learning the basics again.
  6. Eey, not really monster truck related but a good ol' chunck know this proyect thing i had called "The Edy Beltran Show" & my big a$$ desire to have a podcast, well i've been 3d modeling some stuff for it and this has came out of it: If you've seen my drawing you can see the inspiration i took for the "eyes"
  7. Host as they using their own cloud service and keep updating it yeah
  8. Hello everybody, i'm Edy I think if you've been in the site since 2012, you probably have notice that i become more & more inactive over the last few years or so. My last upload to the site was on 2016, and it was World Finals 17. I want to think it is more than obvious that i've lost interest on R.O.R & making stuff for it, if you care about why, here are some reasons that may satify your doubts: I started doing photography & decided to start doing as a full time job I got bored, didn't had the creative motivation to do stuff Suddenly i discovered this thing called having friends, it's fun (For those who care about my mental health, thankfully everything has been better) Now, to the point. Over the last years i've been running out of space in my computer, that led my to transfer all my Rigs of Rods projects to an external harddrive (Which i finally found yesterday), i'll sit down and review every single file on the harddrive. What i'm planning to do is whatever "Unfinished" proyects i find, i'll post em' here on this thread so someone can finish it if they want, i trust you guys taking care of it, you got a lot of new talaent, so embrace them. I really don't remember what stuff i relased or not, or show and never got further, so if you remember one of those things, please let me know. Eventually i'll format the harddrive so i can start saving new stuff (I migth consider keeping some stuff for my art portafolio but that is up to my consideration, sugestions are welcome) Now to the second point. I'll be deleting the Google Drive folders for the "Monster Truck Logo Thread", so if anyone can host the logo library, i'll be very thankful. Why? I mainly use Drive to pass photos to my clients, store vavrious important things & also maybe i'll start hosting my digital portafolios there until i can get a website So, if you are willing to be the new host for the logo library, please send me a DM here or a discord message so i can give you a ZIP of everything I think that's all Now, about the harddrive thing, i'll start updating the thread as soon i can. The links will be from puush so they will not last forever. Thanks for everything guys! Keep on creating! ((If you are interested on seeing some my art/photography, follow me on my Instagram or my Flickr)) File downloads: TBA
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