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  1. Here are some bakes from bodies of V4 i have..... hope they are usefull, dont be afraid and post your own so we can help the little content creators to grow! Also will post some more in the future, hope you like this idea. Also dont be afraid of asking for any sample or bakes this is what this topic is about! Helping YOU and a lot more to make their content better! Original idea came from Mason Watts -Edy
  2. Post all your monster truck logos, even if you painted it or have the original logo. Be aware if that if you painted a logo and post it here, everyone will be able to use it on any project or another purposes. (You are free to put any watermarks or that kind of stuff on your hand painted logos). Also be aware that if you use any logos that are posted you need to give credit to anyone who made it, and if it has a water mark ask for permission to use it. Also if you need any logo or searching for it, feel free to ask if anyone has it. Also please when posting, especify if the logo that posted is: OC (Original Creation), this means made by If someone else made it put you posted it If you got from any website or another thing Updated as of July 7, 2016 Gallery of monster truck logos Logos from any monster truck that has ever ran, from the first ever monster truck to the present Gallery of monster jam logos Logos used by the biggest league of monster trucks, monster jam Vectors Monster truck cut outs, or any other thing similar to that Misc folder Miscellaneous logos related to monster trucks or events, as well for other things Sponsor folder A folder for monster truck sponsors that are used on bodies, banners, pit party's etc. If anyone wants me to upload their logo to the gallery please do when you post your logos in the the thread, or if i uploaded someones logo and want it removed send me a PM, feel free to contribute, thanks. Hope this thread helps. Contributors: @Tom P. @Mark Colineri @Mr. Beardman @RKM @Double.D ッ @Roach @acdcfan56 @steiale @John Dough @Aeris Syrius @Mike650 @iZonarYT @Gabe2304 @Gillis @Edy
  3. Transparency

    This code for material file makes your stuff transparent ingame Remember image needs to be transparent for it to work. Enjoy! material YourImage.png { technique { pass { scene_blend alpha_blend alpha_rejection greater 0 depth_write off texture_unit { texture YourImage.png } } } }
  4. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

  5. Making Breakable Bodies

    Yes it is! Do not.
  6. World Finals 17



    It's been a long time, but i finally finished it. God bless America Credits: @Edy @RockCrwlr @MJFanatic @DannyMackey @Hot Shoe @maxdman @fernBurn I want to thank everybody who helped me morally when making this track. Special thanks to: @CMDeerfoot @DannyMackey @Mark Colineri @RockCrwlr This has been one of my biggest projects, and i'm glad it's finally done and everything is going to be put to rest. Works on 0.37+ & 0.4+ Bye.
  7. I don't care about any of all, while Meninga drives Digger, everything is a o k
  8. THE LINE UP FOR MEXICO CITY IS UP AND AH MAHHHHH GOD It's interesting. Grave Digger® (Tyler Menninga) Max-D™ (Colton Eichelberger) Zombie (Tyler Groth) El Toro Loco (Mark List) Blue Thunder (Bryce Kenny) Monster Mutt Rottweiller (Cynthia Gauthier) Scooby-Doo (Myranda Cozad) Megladon (Travis Groth) The thing that i'm most exited for is THAT I'M GOING TO SEE TYLER MENINGA IN DIGGER!! YES YES YES!!! I want to guess that Tyler, Mark, Cozad & Colton will be running with their normal chassis As for the Groth brothers, i'm curious as how Megalodon will look and one of their chassis For Cynthia i guess they'll just put the Rotwailler body on Cynthia's Dalmition chassis (I hope they keep the red rims) And as for Bryce, i'm really intriged to what they will use, i want to guess, they'll put the Blue Thunder body on Mohawk Warrior chassis?
  9. Crushstation

    Version Revamaped & Crusty


    Enjoy da lobster Credtis: Body- Andrew Sheets Painting -Me Chasiss prop placement/Help - Kozak/DanDon Rims - Johan Everything else - SM V4 pack makers ANy bugs problems? Report them on the support thread
  10. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    I made the paint for that
  11. Track is good But you still gay
  12. Version


    A scrapped track. Didn't felt like finishing it Obstacles are too big Gay. I thougth you guys migth find some enjoyment in my attrocities. Sorry for no screenshots. Only works on 0.37 i think
  13. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    I wish I called it "3DZ Arena"
  14. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Don't feel like it honestly I mean all the replicas i had, i think i finished them and released them so... And customs are totally scrapped
  15. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Guess who is back at it again making tracks?
  16. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    It's not Houston, it's Indy, i never exported it, and never bothered to do WF 11 was oversized and didn't felt like remaking it
  17. Screenshot of the Week!

    DO YOU THINK I'M NOT GOING TO EDIT?! Ok. understantable, have a nice day
  18. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Now, for you guys to tear up, thanks to @erhminer, i've been searching in my external hardrive, and found some old project i: -Never finished -gave up on making -Didn't feel like completing them -Had a massive failure in game So yeah. These will never be relased (They migth be, but i doubt it since i want to work on new stuff). Still, i just wanted to show you guys some of my ideas & desgins i got to make, enjoy! If you want to hear the reasons or the background history just ask about it or send me a DM, you can also message me on discord (#3598) Ah, yeah, this last one is corrupted sadly
  19. Screenshot of the Week!

    I don't know if this is legitimate or a extract of the most pure sarcasm in the game. So my reply back to you is, aja
  20. Screenshot of the Week!

    You ni??as thougth i was not posting?
  21. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Edy's Madness. There's your only hint.