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  1. We harassed the hell out of that kid damn.
  2. He is a legend in this industry. Sim Monsters would not be here without him.
  3. Really happy for Gavin Hill, his hard work in this game over the years really helped the industry.
  4. Wow this is cool to finally see. I had only ever seen models, no ingame footage. I've known about this project for many years but obviously had to keep it on the low low low.
  5. RIP V5 pack, it died too young
  6. Tom P.


    i miss u bbg
  7. Tom P.


    Johan (acdcfan56) is actually still friends with him. Johan is one of the only people from here that I still talk to frequently and I was playing GTA V with him and Ash a few months ago. Doesn't do anything with RoR anymore though. But yeah idk why I decided to post here now but for some reason I was reminiscing on the old SM/RoRMJ days so I figured I would post in here. I honestly had no idea if anyone was still really making content or doing leagues or whatever. Back in the day was actually so much fun because there were many squads through the times that we had on Skype/TeamSpeak/Discord. Like I remember hangin with Mark, Klayton, and Johan soooo much back in 2011(?). Like every day just making stuff, going in public servers. And there were always other people in the public servers too. The peak of SM for me was getting to be a part of making V4 and testing all the poo with Eric Meyers, Roach, Kozak, Johan, Klayton, and there were definitely more but Im forgetting. Like the community then was thriving so much cause there was hype still around Season 2 and the anticipation for Season 3 was there (RIP). Then the SSRS days with Danny, Tharindu, John Dough, Johan, Mason, Aaron, Devin, Zach and co. were just as fun. To be honest, I haven't played RoR in about 2 years and idk if I'll find incentive to play again. Cause I was playing in middle school/high school when I had a lot more free time. But now that I'm in college as a math major, working part time, and trying to balance a busy social life on top of that, making time for all this became impossible. Cause it wasn't just the game that made it fun, it was making content, and participating in leagues and just being part of a community with all you guys. Hopefully I can stop in Discord at some point soon and talk to you guys (if you still use it).
  8. Tom P.


    KLAYTON. Miss u dawg
  9. Tom P.


    Glad to see the community still has a good following.
  10. Tom P.


    Yo where all my OG sim monster niggas at? also is Matt Wilkinson still alive?
  11. Tom P.

    Happy 4/20

    My friends and I have a rig. I haven't used it in quite a while. I miss it greatly
  12. Tom P.

    Happy 4/20

    I got some Stardawg. Very good stuff.
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