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  1. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Bruh this old you a phony
  2. Happy 4/20

    My friends and I have a rig. I haven't used it in quite a while. I miss it greatly
  3. Happy 4/20

    I got some Stardawg. Very good stuff.
  4. Happy 4/20

    Damn I guess no one celebrates here...
  5. R.I.P aim

    Wait, people on here still actually use aim? seriously
  6. TeamSpeak Server (Official Thread)

    Messaged you a link
  7. Music thread

    Forget the hick rock
  8. BeamNG

    @Helen Weales The optimization is so much better. The models look much better in the Torqued 3D engine as well.
  9. SSRS in 2017

    memes are too strong.
  10. "Everything That Doesn't Belong In The SYP Thread" Thread

    lmao I think I deleted it when I uninstalled RoR honestly. Someone else might have it.
  11. "Everything That Doesn't Belong In The SYP Thread" Thread

    watchu gunna do puzzy
  12. What Instrument Do You Play?

    Wow that is sick
  13. How do I make a multiplayer game in MTM2?

    haha yeah that was mtm2's equivalent to Sim-Monsters. With a Show Your Projects thread and league threads and whatnot.
  14. How do I make a multiplayer game in MTM2?

    mtm2draggers.net Oh wait...
  15. RoR vs. BeamNG.drive

    Rigs of Rods is just suited better for what Sim-Monsters needs right now. I do think BeamNG is the better game and has the most realism in looks for both vehicles and terrains (ever since they cut gabester from touching physics). The UI is super clean and the game is much more user-friendly when it comes to modding. You can literally edit maps/terrains seamlessly while still playing the game.