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  1. 2018 Season

    kmh @ next track
  2. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    I think you meant this?
  3. Fun Run: Sunday, March 4, 2018: Atlanta, GA, USA

    Driver: idk Truck: Lucas Oil Crusader Download Link: Discord: ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  4. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    I need to stop.
  5. ScrapyardBKT Tires

    It involves editing the .truck file of your chosen truck to change, take your time and read the post and it will tell you step by step. I checked and there is unfortunately a lack of a readme/instruction text file included in the zip so perhaps that is where the confusion comes from.
  6. Question About After-Show at Monster Jam

    I would like to nominate this thread for the Sim-Monsters Hall of Fame.
  7. SMRA Season 4 World Finals Feb 10th 2018

    Going to be completely honest, if you guys weren't such clowns half the time maybe you'd know to stay out of the god damn servers when people are in the middle of the runs. This has happened multiple times throughout the season. When you fully load in a truck you already know and are well aware that there is something going on in the server if you are not to be in there. The users in the server along with the chat will absolutely be able to see what is going on well before you even try to spawn a vehicle which means that every time this has happened has been completely intentional and should be penalized in all future leagues. It happened in the East tour and the West tour more than once which is more than it should ever occur. I've gotten the pleasure (or torture if you want to be accurate) of seeing how both tours behave and some of the things I've seen go on in one and not the other are pretty ridiculous and I and others I've talked to have noticed that it takes away from the events, causes problems for everyone and is a direct cause of events having delays or going longer than needed outside of normal issues that arise. You're all lucky this is not my league or I would have started docking points the first time it happened as there is no excuse for it to occur. If you can't pay attention to know what's going on then you shouldn't be running in a league to start with.
  8. Show Your Project Chapter 61

  9. Name: RKM Discord: KaeJun#3917 80's Truck: AM/PM Boss 90's/00's Truck: Little Tiger
  10. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    I hate me.
  11. Season 4 Sign Up (CLOSED)

    Have You Participated in SMRA Prior to this Season?: Yes Name: RKM Hometown: Frackville, Pennsylvania Preferred Event Day: Either Truck Name: The Punisher Truck Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/bd3zqldm6k74emq/ThePunisherSMRA18.zip Team Name: Tean RPM Shop Location: Denver, Colorado Captain: Mark Colineri (in spirit) Budget: $809, 208 Members: Zach Nicholas, Ryan McCauley, Blake Thompson Touring Partners/Groups: All West
  12. My Idea For A Monster Jam Game

    No, and anyone that's been here longer than 6 months doesn't need to to know how often it comes up and nothing ever changes since there is usually a thread like this every year. I don't need to read your entire thread to know exactly what it contains, threads like this have existed since the days of MTM2. Simplest way to put it is if you want the game you're envisioning then you need to create it yourself otherwise it will forever remain nothing more than a wish. Only thing I'll really say is don't get your hopes up if you ever expect an official release of something remotely close to what Rigs of Rods has become.
  13. My Idea For A Monster Jam Game

    So people still think they're going to get an official game that's focused toward realism.... good luck with that.
  14. Hey man, you dropped some of these on the floor. . . . . . ., . . ., ., . . . . ,. .