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  1. RKM

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    I'm leaving this post here, anymore and warnings are going to start rolling out for everyone involved. If anyone needs a refresher on the rules you can find them here albeit slightly outdated and will likely be updated in the very near future.
  2. RKM

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    I feel like if that were true you wouldn't have said anything about it in the first place, you are right that it is titled show your projects but never have we excluded nearly finished trucks or finished trucks with download links included where the only problem I've seen get valid complaints is posting multiple screenshots in an action type setting. Seems there has been a bit of ego stroking going on around these parts lately and I'll be completely honest in that reading a post like that that do indeed take shots at people whether you intend to or not was one of the reasons I stopped posting projects in the past and rarely post them today which is typically when they are near completion. The only other valid point I could see you trying to raise is someone posting any type of project only to never release it who then goes around taunting others with it.
  3. RKM

    NAMT 2018 Individual Sign-Ups (OPEN NOW)

    Driver: Someone probably me? Truck: Problematic 2018 Hometown (Optional): Pick a country? Download Link: Truck Song (Optional): Polaris - The Remedy
  4. RKM

    American Truck SImulator

    Does anyone still play this? No pictures of it but the current public beta has added airlines, and random events such as police cars and road construction that appear randomly as you travel which is rather nice than the plain road. I've also noticed some added reflection details on wet roads at night when it's raining that I don't recall in the past.
  5. RKM

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    It's a 2003-2006 Chevrolet Silverado regular cab, the Colorado has more sloped A pillar along with different headlights that are rather clear to differentiate between the two. The bedsides also have a different design, I'm not sure if you're just making the paint or going for a full replica of it but if it's the latter the chassis you posted is wrong, It ran on a Holman chassis.
  6. RKM

    Problematic 2018

    Version 1.0.0


    **ALERT** The engine is rather high on detail so if you experience any low frame rates I strongly recommend you disable the mesh for it in the truck files by places a ; in front of the mesh line. **ALERT** Open custom as of June 1st, 2018. This only has settings for NAMT on it but you're welcome to change them for other uses if you wish. Body: It started either from sketchup warehouse model or free modeling site, I've tried to find the original again and have been unable to find it so far, it's been extensively edited and partially rebuilt by me. Painted by me Parts I made that I will touch up and release if they are not already available: Butlerbuilt seat, Piggy fuel cell, "smiley face" RII lights and LED bars, Gauges. Parts by Fern: Headers and Engine BKT Tires brought to you by Andrew Sheets Might have forgot a few here and there, just leave an angry comment demanding proper credit if I have forgotten you. Misc parts used and abused:
  7. RKM

    Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    If you think a flip is what lead to this position, you would be quite wrong.
  8. RKM

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    I think... I think it might be finished.
  9. RKM

    Music thread

    </revive; Dead Thread Resuscitation [begin]>
  10. RKM

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    It's unattractive, don't look.
  11. RKM

    ScrapyardPiggy Fuel Cell

    View File Piggy Fuel Cell The "Piggy Cell" fuel cell was created by RKM/Ryan McCauley/KaeJun from Sim-Monsters.com No need to ask for permission as this is free to use however you like, all I ask for in return is a small line of credit. --Included are the following-- PiggyCell.blend (Blender 2.49b) PigFuelCell_Bake.png (Bake of the model, no textures of any kind otherwise) PiggyCell_PiggyCell_WireFrame.png (A wireframe of the model's UV map) Piggyfuelcell.png (A soft pink with eyes texture to use should not wish to create your own texture) PigFuelCell.psd (Included for easy use in creating your own modified version) Submitter RKM Submitted 04/05/2018 Category Truck Building Items  
  12. 1. Excellent, still a creative outlet in the real world which can be very more enjoyable than all of this virtual stuff we're surrounded with. Good luck! I'm sure we'll see your photos around. 2. It's quite easy to get burned out on something when all one does is that, it's happened to pretty much all of it. Don't overwork yourself (I don't mean that just for on here either). 3. What are these friend things you speak of? Can I buy them somewhere? Taking a break is A-OK, but you don't have to become a complete stranger when doing so. I don't think anyone on here should make this their main focal point in their lives, yes it can do as an escape for a while and sometimes we all need that but it's important to remember what this and the places we've come from in the past were; A somewhat close-ish community to enjoy something we all share a common interest in. I've lost count of the number of people I've seen go from MTM2 and the early days of RoR Monster Trucks pursue the real thing. This is just a hobby that we can all use to learn things along the way towards a better and brighter future, it is not a job and no one will force you to stay. Time away from something that can at times be very stressful is always helpful to clear your mind and give it a fresh look.
  13. RKM

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    Those are nice but they aren't this.