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  1. Could not have said it better myself, I do not understand why people constantly bring stuff that happens outside of Sim-Monsters onto the site expecting us to do something. If it did not happen on this website or within this specific Sim-Monsters.com community there is literally nothing we can do but sympathize. I've had far worse things said to me in and out of any game and that does include from within this very community mind you, sometimes it is much better to just get up and walk away for a bit and I mean literally get up from your computer and walk away not just theoretically speaking and then come back so your not in the heat of the moment. This is the sort of drama that drove a lot of people away from posting and competing in leagues and why in some cases it's hard to get a popular league running. Issues outside of Sim-Monsters.com do not belong anywhere on this site, we do not control every aspect related to monster truck games nor would we want to. Any drama arisen from private or public groups that have nothing to do have anything to do with Sim-Monsters.com should be kept in their original groups and/or communities. When someone brings a topic like this to our community it makes everyone look bad. I'll also add just to throw it out there that most of these Facebook groups or "free" communities are run by children because they can't pay for an actual website or forum software and unlike some of them we do actually have rules, you may not like some of them but they are there for a reason.
  2. I do think a big part of what made the site so active was having leagues that ran and uploaded videos of an event the same week or week after it happened instead of what seems to be several months if at all (you know who I'm talking about), it's a nice attempt but likely to not draw a crowd in. You can use either of these for streaming and/or recording without streaming: OBS is free and I think Xsplit has a free version you can try. I may still have some tracks but I'd have to look and see but I'd probably just start over at this point if I'm able to get blender to work with me on my current computer and yes it would directly connect to potential feature events as I don't really care much for racing outside of just getting to play around and see what I can do and I know I suck at racing and sadly most events rely on being able to qualify in which I feel also severely dissuades newcomers from wanting to compete. Perhaps a league solely for new racers or older ones looking to get back into it could be one way to attract more activity. I know it's also generally frowned upon but perhaps an actual prize of some sort on the line for winning a feature event or major league would also create interest again.
  3. RoR of any version is not very well optimized, most people are lucky if they can handle 4 trucks at a time anything more than 2 however for online play should be considered good and anymore than that should be considered a bonus whether it be online or off.
  4. RKM

    Useful Links & Resources

    Did we really need to bump a thread from 2015?
  5. A Sequoia? Someone alert @NavySonicShell
  6. RKM

    Bring Back SSRS

    Oh wow I see this league is active again, now we just wait for Season 3 Sim-Monstars. Cool to see @DannyMackey is ready to go again after NAMT. Kappa
  7. I don't know anything and I'm fine with that.
  8. SSRS/NAMT2 test Name: This one I think Truck: Son Uva Digger Link: Discord: You know me already
  9. Only going to say this once, requests go in the requests section for this is the "Show Your Projects" thread which can range from barely part of a truck or track to a completely finished item related to either trucks, tracks, or props. I don't like seeing people beg for release dates or pestering someone to add something they may or may not want to add and those are in the rules so any more of that and maybe you can enjoy having your posting privileges moderated. Carry on.
  10. It's likely cheaper to buy the parts and build it yourself provided you have the space and knowledge to do so which would be useful regardless if you had prior knowledge or not so you'd have some kind of idea how to work on it because let's face it, it will break at some point no matter what. I don't really have a lot to add that would be of value since I've been more of a casual follower the past few years but I haven't seen anything mentioned about a plan to move the truck around to events once built. I do find it quite nice to have an actual discussion about the inner workings of the trucks here though since most of the older places with that sort of information have fallen off or been replaced by Facebook groups. Good luck and do keep us posted as I'm sure a lot of people here would be interested in seeing it come together. You've probably already found links to some of these but these are just the ones I can remember. (ps don't forget about safety) http://samson4x4.com/pei/ http://www.crdmfg.com/ http://www.racesourceinc.com/ http://www.racesourceinc.net/shop/ https://www.ouversonusa.com/ Only thing I have to add is I'm mildly disappointed not a single mention was given to Racesource but that's more of a personal preference.
  11. The commercials are the only part worth watching... the one time people actually want to see the ads on their screens.
  12. RKM

    Problematic 2019

    Version 1.0.0


    Here is one of my long term customs that dates back to 2008 or 2009 when I made the very first version. I've been running The Punisher for so long that I want something fresh that has gone relatively unused for a long time. This will be my truck for SMRA however if you wish to run it you may do so as long as I have no interest in competing in the same league. Yes, that means my old Punisher truck is now an open custom for anyone to use should they wish. Download link 1: Mediafire Download link 2: Google Drive Four versions of the truck, two normal and two with SMRA/NAMT settings. Special thanks for giving me something to listen to while working on this: Devin Doss, Mason Runkel, Aaron Lurie, Danny Mackey, Chadwick Deerfoot, Zach Nicholas, Kozak, Jack Merkle, even Julio Vellon I guess... Parts & Props: Fernburn, RockGod88, RKM, Crazy, Steele, Kozak, Wambo, LiquidFire215, Sheets, Harlow, Johan, Donelly, Helen Weales, Rockcrwlr, John Dough, Mark Colineri, SealedGecko, and probably some others I don't remember, seems to be a common occurence given how poor credits are listed on uploads these days which makes it way more difficult than it needs to be to credit the proper people so I can't tell you anything specific other than what is below. Most everything I used can be found on the site however. Body is a combination but was turned into an extended cab and mapped by RKM Gauges are by RKM Engine is Wambo's Paint scheme design/layout design was made with various circuitry brushes to help with my initial design. The lighting effects are actually Chris B's but modified quite reasonably which was mainly just to see if it could work on a truck like it does on his WRA Birmingham track and it ended up looking quite good to me so it stayed. If I can find the proper credits for the body it will be uploaded to the scrapyard for everyone to use. It's not perfect but it's mine, feel free to use whatever you want as long you try to give proper credit.
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