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    Monster Trucks! , BIGFOOT!, Australia, Motocross, Blue Thunder, Batman, Grave Digger, Offroading, ROR, Trolling.

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  1. Cole Smith

    Sim- Monsters V4

  2. Cole Smith

    Sim- Monsters V4

    Everyone with trucks not showing up... Maybe try to extract the pack into packs were the zipped folder for v4 should be so you have the zippped version of v4 and the extracted version of v4 in the same packs fold... If the doesn't work put the v4 zipped and extract into the vehicle folder of you RoR.. Not sure if it will help you guys but it helped me. ATM I have the v4 zipped and extract in the pack folder and also in the vehicle folder and it is running perfect. Get back to me if this helped at all.. Also just quickly the 38.67 or whatever version has some of the trucks with no tires just hubs, the tires are invisable. I had the same problem and I'm not sure if that can be fixed but if you run the 37 version all is fine and perfect.. Sorry if this is long and it may not belong here, I just wanted to inform everyone with these things here so they see it as the download the pack...
  3. Cole Smith

    Sim- Monsters V4

    Waited 4 and a half hours or it to download, for it to not even be openable... Lol time to re-download it... -.-
  4. Cole Smith

    Count Down to V4

    Yeah I thought so but I was just counting the v4 truck list lol
  5. Cole Smith

    Count Down to V4

    120 Trucks if I am correct.. This will be one fun pack, to top it off I can't wait for some new season 3 tracks, this will be almost orgasmic.
  6. Cole Smith

    Sim-Monster Get together

    Haha well I'm meeting up with my fellow Australian Sim-Monster's right now, Party is just getting started.
  7. Cole Smith

    Mud, Offroad, Crawl Trucks?

    Thank you so much!! I didn't even think to look in the forums. Thanks!
  8. Cole Smith

    Mud, Offroad, Crawl Trucks?

    Hey everyone!! Not sure if this is in the right topic area if not sorry but anyway just wondering if there is any good places I can download some Mud, offroad or crawling trucks for ROR, other then the repo. I really like that sort of stuff!! Thanks!
  9. Cole Smith

    Show Your Projects Chapter 1

    Awesome projects everyone truely amazing!! Any chance of releases??
  10. Cole Smith

    truck packs

    True unless there was a truck spawn garage thing on the map then it would work maybe. It does for me lol just thought I might aswell mention it because it may help. Lol.
  11. Cole Smith

    truck packs

    Hey I had the same problem, But I found a way to sort of by pass it and get the trucks working. First I simply spawned a truck (FROM THE V3 PACK) First and once the truck from v3 has spawned hop in it, start it up, then turn it off and hop out. Then spawn the truck you wish to spawn from any other packs. Not sure if this would help you but it helped me.
  12. Cole Smith


    AMAZING TRACK!!!!! Very nice work!!
  13. Cole Smith


    Hey everyone off topic here but just wondering if there's any other fellow Australians here on Sim Monsters other then me lol.
  14. Cole Smith

    grave digger retro 30th annivarsary

    The one Stephen linked you to is the one in your profile picture lol... It's a great digger though.
  15. Cole Smith

    Wolo Pack

    This pack here?? I have this one.. Forgot where I got it though..