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  1. Jon Cannon

    NAMT 2018: Week 0: Sunday, May 27, 2018: East Rutherford, NJ, USA

    Aaron made a change and the download needed re-approving. It's back up now.
  2. Jon Cannon

    Controller, and white truck parts?

    You should learn to reply to the thread that you've already made on this instead of making an entirely new thread about it. You save a backup copy of the input.map in Documents/ Rigs of Rods/ Config/ somewhere else in case something goes wrong, and copy and paste the new input.map into that same directory, replacing the old one.
  3. Jon Cannon

    how to make tracks on blender

    So what is it? Your Rigs of Rods not working or you don't understand how to make things in Blender? The title of your post is one thing, but you seem to be talking about something entirely different now. If you can't make up your mind, don't make a post and then chastise people when they try to help you.
  4. Jon Cannon

    White Texture Around the Body in 0.4

    It's because of the spec map system in 0.4; You need to go into the material file that corresponds to the mesh that includes the body (either "truck"body.mesh or "truck".mesh and remove the lines of spec coding;
  5. Jon Cannon

    Exporting a chassis

    You have to apply all of the mirror modifiers before joining it together. @Outlawed made a video on it but I don't have a link.
  6. Jon Cannon

    Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    New Krazy Train coming together;
  7. Jon Cannon

    Importing XML

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/6h4f2ah2nnngmqr/Blender2.49band+supporting+files.zip Ogre mesh importer, you can find the script in the scripts folder from this link. You will need to put it in your Blender scripts folder.
  8. Jon Cannon

    0.4 Steering

    Try using the input configurator tab on the 0.37 configurator, save and exit, and then copy/paste the input map from the 0.37 Documents folder into the 0.4 documents folder.
  9. Jon Cannon

    0.4 Steering

    Documents/Rigs of Rods/Config/input I would suggest saving a copy of the keyboard map to the desktop first so you have a backup in case something goes wrong.
  10. Jon Cannon

    0.4 Steering

    Keyboard is just slow on any modern version of RoR. Buy a cheap controller and it will make a world of difference.
  11. Jon Cannon

    Body Pack

    Whatever you want to do.
  12. Jon Cannon

    How to set up G27

    Do you have the Logitech profiler? Go to Options -> Global Device Settings and tinker with those settings. Should find something usable. I know what you're talking about with the wheel locking, sometimes you have to actually launch a game for it to "activate".
  13. Jon Cannon

    How to set up G27

    It's more than likely being detected as a WingMan Formula steering wheel because Windows 10 doesn't automatically install the proper drivers for it for some reason. This tutorial should fix it.
  14. Jon Cannon

    Bulldozer (smoke-free craft beef jerky)

    It uses front four links and the cradle is completely different from a Wilman; @Outlawed would know if it was entirely custom or based from a Wilman, but I'm thinking it's probably the first.
  15. Jon Cannon

    Car Porn

    Performing an eight month thread bump/revival and leaving regular cars altogether with a short recap of the rise, fall, and short life of one of the most beautiful and technologically advanced RC machines of the modern time. The Tamiya TRF501X was designed in early 2007 with one goal in mind: To win the 2007 IFMAR 1/10 4WD Offroad World Championship. The first TRF501X being driven by Hupo Honigl at the Tamiya headquarters before being shipped out to the European Championship in July, its first and only real test before the World Championship in November. Having been the king of touring car racing for many years and having won the 1/10 IFMAR touring car World Championship for several years running, 2006 was a rough year for Tamiya with their new TRF415 chassis not living up to expectations, the Tamiya factory drivers being handily beaten by Yokomo and by Hotbodies' new car, the Cyclone D4, with team leader Andy Moore taking the title that year. The disappointing TRF415 in a studio shot. After the major disappointment, Tamiya decided that, without another onroad championship until 2008, they would pour their abundant resources into a radical new offroad buggy design that year in an attempt to regain some glory, despite not having ever manufactured an offroad vehicle for professional racing. Thus, the TRF501X was born, and two prototypes were shipped off with factory drivers Hupo Honigl and Marc Rheinard, to the first major race of the season, the electric offroad European Championship in July. The TRF501X featured a radical mid motor and center differential setup, along with belt drive, two things which had never been seen combined in 4WD 1/10 scale before. Along with an aggressively sharp but aerodynamic body shell, style points from the outside nearly matched the extraordinary drive system. Having virtually no testing from the two prototype's completion to being shipped off for the Euro's, early practice running from Hupo and Marc proved that while the car was obviously fast in the soft, sandy track conditions, the radical center differential belt drive system also had a significant weak spot which led to snapped belts for both cars in three out of the six practice runs. Reliability problems continued into qualifying for Marc Rheinard, costing him a spot in the A final, but quick-but-careful driving from Hupo earned him pole position, with a staggered qualifying time an impressive 15 seconds quicker than the Losi XXX-4 of Taylor Petersen in second. The first main went off without a hitch for Honigl, this image of the first corner being the closest that Petersen would be the entire race. Hupo won the first leg with a 10 second gap to Taylor. The second leg of the A-Main was the exact opposite for Honigl. An early bobble cost him the lead to Petersen, and most of the race was spent catching back up and passing. Once Honigl had passed Taylor, they remained Line astern until the closing two laps, when Taylor suffered a broken arm which put him out. Hupo Honigl won the European Championship with two victories, Crag in second with a second in Leg 2 and a win in Leg 3, and Petersen rounded out the podium. Tamiya left the Euros overflowing with confidence, they had created something quite unusual for an RC manufacturer, a winning car on debut having no experience in that specific class. Sure, the car had been quite unreliable at times, but the overwhelming speed more than covered off the teething troubles, at least in their opinion. Fast forward four months to the worlds in Japan, and the confidence from the euros quickly turned to disappointment. The expectation of a damp, soft track due to rain which is what the car was designed for never came, and the dry, slick conditions that the 501X faced was something that the company and team had never tested for. Both Rheinard and Honigl struggled through practice and the first two rounds of qualifying with a car that had no data for the surface, ending round 2 of qualifying in a shocking 45th place for Rheinard and 52nd for Honigl overall. An embarassing decision from Tamiya was taken to allow both of their drivers to run Associated B44 chassis which were reveling in the difficult conditions. Despite three respectable rounds the following day, the damage was done, and Honigl and Rheinard ended qualifying 16th and 20th overall, outside of qualifying for the A final. At the conclusion of the World Championship, the 501X was scrapped and Tamiya set to work on a new car, the 511.