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  1. Jon Cannon

    2xtreme Racing 2018 Trucks

    You have to follow this format in order to submit a request. You also have to paste the direct image URL into the window in order for it to appear.
  2. Jon Cannon

    [TRUCK] Xtermigator

    You need to include images with requests. Please redo your request or edit the images in.
  3. Jon Cannon

    Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

  4. Jon Cannon

    towasaurus wrex

  5. Jon Cannon

    Monster Jam 2018 Tracks!

  6. Jon Cannon

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    The truck has to comply with the changes that have to be made in the NAMT rule book. I believe Danny then has to approve it.
  7. Jon Cannon

    Blender Help

    You have to convert it using the Ogre XML converter which can be found in your Rigs of Rods program files directory. You drag and drop the mesh into the icon and it will spit out an XML file, which you can report into Blender if you have the ogre mesh xml script installed in your Blender directory, which can be found in here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6h4f2ah2nnngmqr/Blender2.49band+supporting+files.zip
  8. Jon Cannon

    Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    I'm sorry if this has already been discussed, but why did Dave Radzierez have to use a conventional engine in XDP to run MJ when this was right around the corner?
  9. Jon Cannon

    Gigabite 2018 NAMT

    Happy to see someone finally using Harlow's Merc body for something.. Great job!
  10. Jon Cannon

    Monster truck show youtube channel

    The News and Announcements thread is for posts pertaining to things happening within this site, not Youtube channels or personal projects. Posts of that nature need to go in Off topic.
  11. Jon Cannon

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    Will not be approved until it is cloned properly. It replaces the truck that you painted over in its current state.
  12. Jon Cannon

    NAMT 2018: Week 0: Sunday, May 27, 2018: East Rutherford, NJ, USA

    Aaron made a change and the download needed re-approving. It's back up now.
  13. Jon Cannon

    Controller, and white truck parts?

    You should learn to reply to the thread that you've already made on this instead of making an entirely new thread about it. You save a backup copy of the input.map in Documents/ Rigs of Rods/ Config/ somewhere else in case something goes wrong, and copy and paste the new input.map into that same directory, replacing the old one.
  14. Jon Cannon

    how to make tracks on blender

    So what is it? Your Rigs of Rods not working or you don't understand how to make things in Blender? The title of your post is one thing, but you seem to be talking about something entirely different now. If you can't make up your mind, don't make a post and then chastise people when they try to help you.
  15. Jon Cannon

    White Texture Around the Body in 0.4

    It's because of the spec map system in 0.4; You need to go into the material file that corresponds to the mesh that includes the body (either "truck"body.mesh or "truck".mesh and remove the lines of spec coding;