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  1. Jon Cannon


    They don't go into your local disk drive, they go to the Rigs of Rods folder in your Documents folder.
  2. I forgot that someone uploaded an Xbox one controller map on here. Download the "input.map" file and paste it into Documents/Rigs of Rods 0.4 (or just Rigs of Rods if you don't have another version installed)/config/ and replace the current input.map with that one.
  3. You need to map Commands 01 for left and Commands 02 for right, should be in the C section of the controls tab if you're on 0.37, if you're using 0.4 and up you can change the controls in the input.map folder in Documents but it would be easier to use the controls tab in the 0.37 configurator and then copy and paste the input.map from that Documents/Rigs of Rods folder to the Documents/Rigs of Rods folder for 0.4
  4. The vehicles and tracks folder should be in Documents/Rigs of Rods and they might not show up until you actually launch the game.
  5. Jon Cannon


    Questions like this need to go in the Help and Support area. There is a tutorial section that will teach you everything you need to know: http://sim-monsters.com/forum/89-tutorials/
  6. As in super quick steering? You need to use a controller.
  7. If you would be willing to go to the trouble to message me links to all of the threads that you want changed, I would be willing to unlock them. I thought regular members were able to edit their own posts in locked threads but I guess not.
  8. ^ Also a shortcut to this is if you have 0.37 installed, you can use the controls tab in the RoR configurator to more easily bind the controls, and then you just copy and paste the input.map from the Rigs of Rods 0.37 folder in My Documents to the one for 0.4.
  9. Requests need to go in the Request forum for either trucks or tracks, and need to follow this format: Name: Body: Chassis: Paint (images of color/graphics): Other details: [SKIN] (Include in topic title) ex: Name: Body: Chassis: Paint (images of color/graphics): Other details:
  10. If you haven't discussed an official league being added to the section with Outlawed, this still falls under the Fun Run category and needs to be placed there. This does not go in News and Announcements unless, once again, it is an official league that has been discussed with Outlawed.
  11. Requests need to go in either the Truck or Track Request section of the forum next time. Thanks.
  12. Jon Cannon

    Car Porn

    New Yokomo prototype for the 4wd portion of the 2019 Ifmar 1/10 electric offroad world championship is about 98% carbon fiber:
  13. 2 year thread bump lel 4wd
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