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  1. You have to upload it to a file hosting site such as mediafire and then link it using the URL button. If you're submitting a truck, please make sure it is also cloned first before submitting.
  2. Is that version 11 or 12 of Deja Vu?
  3. Are you looking to start a league? You will need to contact Outlawed for more information, although I would suggest getting acclimated to the site before trying to run a league.
  4. I re approved the last one that was on mediafire and it was working for me at least. The Google drive one seems fine.
  5. Sorry, something must have glitched because it wasn't showing up in the approval queue. Should be approved now. 👍
  6. #19 Running a throwback scheme of some sort.
  7. A few from the 50th Gatornationals this past weekend. Probably could have framed some of them better but I'm pretty happy with what I got out of a 9 year old body and mid 2000's cheapo lens.
  8. You can always be a bit more polite to new people, we were all there once.
  9. Are you using 0.4? Try disabling arcade controls. Also make sure the brakes aren't reversed (as in fully out of the brake equals 100% input and pressing it fully yields 0% input) You may need a different version to map your controls to your specific needs.
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