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  1. [Deep Frustration]

    [TRUCK PACK] 2XTREME motorsports trucks

    i give up trying
  2. [Deep Frustration]

    [TRUCK PACK]BUDD motorsports trucks

    Both chassis are in house.
  3. [Deep Frustration]

    [TRUCK PACK]Bottom feeder trucks

    Both trucks are PEI chassis, Not everything is a CRD
  4. this truck is a PEI chassis. not every truck is a CRD.
  5. [Deep Frustration]

    Wrenchead.com 2001

    ehhhh the ones on it now look better to me
  6. [Deep Frustration]

    Wrenchead.com 2001

    Version 1.0.0


    Really happy with how this turned out, alot of great people helped me with this truck as far as advice and paint goes! Credits Paint/Spec:Chris Hamilton Minis: ZonR Blender work: Blake aka me Rims: Blaise i believe? I hope you all enjoy this truck im really proud of this truck and i hope you all enjoy driving it!
  7. [Deep Frustration]


    you really dont listen do you.
  8. [Deep Frustration]

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    just found out Mike Hogewood passed away today which is sad, but in remembrance, heres one of the trucks he had a fun time calling back in the day. Chris did the paint. Early version
  9. [Deep Frustration]

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    Just finished up davids ride for SMRA, happy with how this turned out, hopefully he throws down this season to get alot of good use out of this truck!
  10. [Deep Frustration]

    Post your Rides.

    gonna be the big gay and post mine too, yada yada new truck
  11. [Deep Frustration]


    that chassis is a racesource chassis also why did you say "to stimson" anyone can make it you dont always have to rely on the same person
  12. [Deep Frustration]

    to Stimson122

    theres so many things wrong with this that i dont even wanna correct it
  13. [Deep Frustration]

    Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    @LordFrosting brought out the old Blue Fuel Injection for a weekend while i brought out the brand new Takin' It Easy for a 2 truck exhibition here at Eagon County Fair! with the New truck still needing some Shock work it was Matt who would take the racing win, then Matt and I went into a tandem freestyle with big air hits and wow moments that got the crowd on there feet! looking forward to running against the new Red Fuel Injection this season in SMRA and will be fun to see how my new truck fairs for me!
  14. [Deep Frustration]


    jrs chassis is also an in house, just looks kind of similar to a pei
  15. [Deep Frustration]

    Quad Chaos/following guidelines

    his chassis isnt a PEI, its an in house it was previously the old bad habit