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  1. a couple big things i notice off the bat, sway bars, there not even in the right positions as of now, (if you plan on changing them my bad for pointing it out) you need to also add sway bar blocks for the sway bars to mount too. and the headers really need to be baked then painted to look better. and a big thing is, if you are going for the one you put at the top in the photo thats a PEI chassis, the truck in game is on a CRD. again not trying to be tude here. i know some people think im rude by pointing out stuff to people. but im just trying to help you improve
  2. Nicely done again. you always deliver, glad someone still wants to live the past on a little bit.
  3. After a long hard life. The old chassis has finally had enough, thus it was time for a new build. Will came to me with some plans and after several crumpled up pieces of paper later. we settled on a brand new Patrick Enterprises chassis. Presenting the new Hotline Miami Night Life!
  4. ah yes, the ole time line. been through many changes. they all are gonna have the same thing in common. its going to look great!
  5. Version 1


    wanted a brand new rendition of this truck. completely redid the truck, new chassis and all! if its on the truck and its on sm yall made it possible you know i dont take credit for it i just put it all together in blender i do know beautiful paint was done by Chadwick and the wonderful mini was made by Will Meyer
  6. Blake Thompson Krazy Train MrGravedigger24#3944
  7. 650 downloads

    Wanted a bit of a challenge in a new truck i have never done before ever, and thus Krazy Train was born! After seeing the truck run in person i knew i wanted to make it. big thanks to the people who helped made this possible Blaise: Headlights and Horn William Fancy son: Mini Matthew Tyrrell: Testing And everyone else who had a hand in making pieces on this truck! To honk the horn make sure your sounds are on and press H To turn the headlights on its N
  8. Made tons of progress on this the past few days, Still not done, but shes close!
  9. Blake Thompson Krazy Train 2019 Will post link when finished
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