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  1. World Finals XVIII Discussion

    Probably just because of intermission. Will probably be back up by the time the next round starts.
  2. World Finals XVIII Discussion

    Alex Blackwell is looking pretty good so far.
  3. World Finals XVIII Discussion

    Surprised no one mentioned Avenger made it into round 2. That truck looks good out there.
  4. Event #12 Syracuse 2015 LAST EVENT BEFORE WF

    Looking forward to it.
  5. World Finals XVIII Discussion

    That still doesn't mean automatically it is his new chassis.
  6. Event #11 Sign ups for Vancouver 2014

    I need to get my head back in the game but I'll be there.
  7. Event #10 Houston 2014 show 2

    I will be there
  8. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

    From Ford Field's Twitter page. Not Chicago like everyone thought.
  9. Show Your Projects Chapter 56

    I know someone posted a pic of it above but I also got a pic of it from last summer. Didn't even realize it was that truck till I saw the pic above. Was cool to see it come to our town since they just starting doing shows here last summer. Anyways sorry for getting off topic. There is a truck I'm working on though but going to wait as I'm trying to learn and take my time with it. Another words I got a long way to go before I feel comfortable with pics.
  10. Event #8 Anaheim 2017 FS1 west

    I'll be there.
  11. Event #7 Atlanta 2016 sign ups

    Blue Thunder
  12. Event #6 Arnhem 2013

    Blue Thunder may not be 100 percent after my freestyle wreck last week but will be there.
  13. Event #5 Pontiac

    Looking forward to it! Also here is the Blue Thunder version I plan on using: http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/2306-blue-thunder-2016/
  14. Houston 15 (FS1 track)Friday April 8th

    Andrew Marsh
  15. Roanoke 2015 March 25th

    Andrew Marsh