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  1. Sim- Monsters V4

  2. Freestyle Jam

  3. NYS Fairgrounds 2011

  4. Sim- Monsters V4

    Yes! I can wait to play this!!
  5. Pick 10

  6. Houston 2011

  7. Custom Summer Heat Style Track

    Sometimes at the Syracuse fairgrounds theres a track like this. I don't know if they run it anymore.
  8. World finals on tonight 7:30-9:30 est

    Loved it and who was laughing when they were interveiwing George after the double backflip and Jim Kholer runs up, "IT'S A DOUBLE BACKFLIP!" Then runs off.
  9. All Star Weekend!

    I vote Tony Stewart
  10. Show Your Projects Chapter 13!

    First sight and I thought it was Syracuse Carrier Dome 2012
  11. Colombus 2010

    Love it and Fresno 2012 has a neat little race corse for cars half pit and half on track.
  12. Carroll Shelby passed away

    Sad..... I heard a few minutes ago on SPEED Center.
  13. iRacing World 600, and Indy 500

    Seriously off topic but is that a rear veiw mirror in a NASCAR car?
  14. NASCAR nationwide series lap g-w-c crash

    From what I read is that he is in stable condition and they are running some tests Sorry if I spelled anything wrong