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Hello there! If you're wondering about who I am, I have been a part of the RoR community since 4/3/12, and I have had a wild ride since that day. I've had many ups and downs during my first year, but things started to change once I figured out what I was good at, which is basically texture modding. I've been practicing to this day, and I have made a lot of improvements since. I am also really good with modding certain vehicles, even made some really unique ones, such as the Gavril Bandit "Dodge Daytona" stock cars, Gavril MV4 mods, and even an updated Goldberg (originally made by Johan, but cloned). So in conclusion, I'm a rather experienced modder, but I sadly lack any modeling skills due to blender being an alien-concept to me.

Other info regarding me: I'm a 23 year old who lives in a somewhat small city in Illinois, close to the Wisconsin border. I'm currently a 3rd year college student at a community college known as Rock Valley College, and I'm planning to get an associates in applied science, or just an associates in science, since my dream career goal is to be a part of the medical field, being either a pediatrician or a general practitioner (fancy term for family doctor/primary care doctor). I have a few hobbies that keep me rather active though, such as drawing on my New 3DS XL via an application called "Colors 3D!", as well as purchasing and building specific model kits called "GUNPLA". I also am a part of the furry fandom/community since 2009, which my alter 'sona is an alien species known as a Northern Sergal.