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    Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    Haven't posted any screenshots in a while, so I may as well change that. There's been a revamp of a very old vehicle on RoR, and both me and a few friends I know are collaborating together to revamp this beauty, albeit I've only created one scheme so far (the orange one with the black and white stripes), but once racing parts are made, expect to see Team Oreca schemes.
  2. ShawnVallance

    Music thread

    Two more Lost Lands 2017 live-streamed mixes were added!
  3. ShawnVallance

    R/C pack v0.00001

    These are very nice, but I do have a suggestion to make, if it's not already been decided or so. Will these become a standalone product when it reaches full completion? I know that in order for these to work currently, you must set them in the SMV4 folder, and hopefully that can change. Other than that, keep up the great work! EDIT: Okay, thanks to Michael10055 on RoR's main forum, he spotted what the two missing things were, and that was the GraveDiggerBand.dds & GraveDiggerBand.material.
  4. ShawnVallance

    Music thread

    Two brand new mixes came out!
  5. ShawnVallance

    Grave Digger 3 Revamp v1

    Yet another fine looking truck! Also, I saw what was added to this truck, and tbh, it's a very nice touch! I never thought I'd see exhaust fumes/smoke come out of the truck's exhaust pipes, but you changed that, so mad props to you for hopefully leading the way for others to do the same thing!
  6. ShawnVallance

    Music thread

    Lost Lands sets have returned after a small break, Hopefully Sullivan King's set will be shown and posted soon...
  7. ShawnVallance

    Grave Digger 5 Replicustom

    Okay, this is really well done! Keep up the great work on these.
  8. ShawnVallance

    Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    Gotta love the reshade mod for RoR version
  9. ShawnVallance

    Hotline Miami V2

    I have yet to try this truck, but I'm curious to see how well it handles on an i7-7700hq laptop (most likely rather well in all honesty, because I get some pretty good fps on this MSI GL62M 7REX-1067). Anyhows, this is a really well-done truck! Keep it up with the awesome content! EDIT: I tried it out finally, and I can confirm that it isn't laggy whatsoever. Also, expect to see pictures of the truck on the screenshots thread!
  10. ShawnVallance

    Whiplash RoR STS

    Really impressed with how this came out, but there is one tiny little issue I found, and that being with the sounds. They're set to stereo, so it's like really loud, even when you zoom out with the camera. Thankfully it's an easy fix if you have audacity, which is what I did. Other than that small issue, everything else works! keep up the great work as always!
  11. ShawnVallance

    Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    As promised, here's the Pennzoil Fuel Injection 3 as it launches off a ramp.
  12. ShawnVallance

    Considering Upgrading to 0.4; Version Suggestions?

    Not sure where you heard that, since I can spawn trucks just fine on the new version.
  13. ShawnVallance

    Considering Upgrading to 0.4; Version Suggestions?

    Yep, is a pretty good version, but is also good as well. However, if you want additional features that can't use, then just use the new one.
  14. ShawnVallance

    Fuel Injection 3

    Gotta admit, this is a huge improvement of the last version! It runs really well in the latest RoR version ( too. To those who still use .3x, I can understand why you may like to still use it to this very day, but times are changing. Besides, the new version of RoR has a reshade mod, and trust me, it's honestly the best thing that has happened for RoR in a while. Sure, multiplayer may be a bit finicky, but I assure you that it is being worked on. Anyhows, I'm going to be taking screenshots of this beauty and posting them in the upcoming day(s) to the screenshots section, so keep an eye out. Keep up the great work though!
  15. ShawnVallance

    Black BKT Tires in

    As one of the people who use the new RoR version, make sure that the vehicles have the right bkt tires in their zip files. If they're inside the zip file and placed with the whole v4 pack in the vehicles directory, and all should show up just fine.
  16. ShawnVallance

    Share Your Specs

    I may as well chime in on this, now since I can compare the old to the new. The old one was an ASUS K53E from 2011, and it had the following specs: 2nd generation i5-2430M Dual Core GPU (2.40GHz, capable of 3.40GHz via Intel Core Boost), 4GB's of DDR3 RAM (upgraded to 8GB's before the initial swap happened), 500GB HDD, and an integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics card. The new one I recently got after ordering it on the 14th and receiving on the 16th is the 2017 MSI GL62M-7REX-1067, which has a 7th generation i7-7700HQ Quad Core CPU (2.80GHz, capable of 3.80GHz with Intel Core Boost), 16GB's of DDR4 RAM (capable up to 32GB's, but not taken advantage of yet), 512GB PCI-E (Generation 3) SSD, and both a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti primary dedicated graphics card and integrated Intel HD Graphics 630 secondary graphics card. Compared to the old one, the new one outperforms it in every single way, and I couldn't be any happier in all honesty.
  17. ShawnVallance

    Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    Incoming wall of RoR reshader mod pics... Also, this is all possible thanks to a new laptop I bought on the 14th and got on the 16th of this month.
  18. As the title shows, after all the years I've been using the 0.3x versions of RoR, I finally decided to upgrade to the new one, but unfortunately I have ran across the problem where the trucks have texture issues on both the tires and the steering wheels, and I'm not sure if it has something to do with the way the material files are set up or so. I know FernBurn made a topic about this, but nothing about how to fix it. If anyone here knows how to effectively fix this issue, it would be greatly appreciated!
  19. ShawnVallance

    New to RoR, but there's a problem...

    I'll try your method and see if that works. EDIT: I know what was causing the issue now. Turns out some of the trucks lacked the right tire textures, which was the 2016 BKT's. I fixed that and now all works as it should.
  20. ShawnVallance

    New to RoR, but there's a problem...

    Well, besides the default V4 folder, I have the zipped vehicles placed inside of that. I'm not sure if that should be the way to do it, but I found that doing that in 0.39 lead to them loading up perfectly fine and whatnot.
  21. ShawnVallance

    New to RoR, but there's a problem...

    Thank you! I can't believe that passed my sight! And I'll keep that in mind!
  22. ShawnVallance

    Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    Just made this scheme... EDIT: Two more pics were added.
  23. ShawnVallance

    Are They a Virus?

    Here's a little tip when downloading anything from Mediafire. Best thing to do is right click and then click "open a new tab". It'll bypass the pop-ups and you can download whatever you're wanting with ease.
  24. ShawnVallance

    Sim Monsters Annual "What Did You Get?" Thread

    I mainly received $75 dollars that is going to be used on a model kit that I ordered, I'm just waiting for the store to call to inform me that it is ready to be picked up. As for what the kit is though, it's the High Grade Universal Century 1/144th scale MS-07B-03 Gouf Custom. http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10126361 <- That's what the kit looks like. Besides the kit, I'm picking up other materials that will be utilized in improving the kit's appearance, and possibly using the rest to buy an eShop card for my New 3DS XL.
  25. ShawnVallance

    Music thread

    Yep... Shambhala 2017 came, but with a new name.