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    out in the woods kickin it in the sticks!
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    I love country music, Rfactor, rigs of rods, concerts ( country of course), mudding, bon fire's, hunting, fishing, jacked up trucks (ford only), hanging with friends, Dirt Late Model racing is what i do! Number 5m! (:
  1. Country Must Be Country Wide!!

  2. Brantley Gilbert concert this saturday (:

  3. kp16

    Short Course Racing League?

    id be intersted
  4. my gf is the best (:

  5. Graduation test this week have been tough but i got a good feeling (:

  6. Very nice track! good job hotshoe!
  7. kp16

    (tracks) Columbus 2013

    yeah buddy! good job on this track! this is my home town arena too (:
  8. Brantley gilbert concert in april i cant wait (:

  9. kp16

    Daytona 2013 Discussion

    lol thats true! wins one 4 years later he wins again at the same track! lol
  10. kp16

    Daytona 2013 Discussion

    Im hoping Dale Jr gets in victory lane in the daytona 500 its been awhile since he's actually won a race
  11. Ok I will i don't know when my next one will be. I'm tryin study for my graduation test next month. So it might be a little while before i do
  12. Sorry everyone that there was no event. Forgot it was my girlfriends birthday so i was spending all night with her. I'm so sorry
  13. kp16

    New Chevrolet

    That is one sharp looking car! I would never want to drive it. Id be scared to scratch It or anything lol
  14. Having a little fun run at columbus 2010 if anyone would like to join event will start at 7:00pm Feild of trucks Kyle parker in Grave digger Virgina Giant: Tddwid in Samson Team Destruction in Spiderman Superman: I am a sim monster in Bounty Hunter My litte sister in aftershock Sorry if theres not enough trying to make it the same ammount as the server Event details: First: Wheelie Comp Second: Doughnut Comp: Third: A full out freestyle comp! Hope to see all 7 trucks out there! And the most important thing of all lets go have fun! I will also post the results when the show is over!