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  1. NASCAR nationwide series lap g-w-c crash

    It Looked Like He Had The Bankment's Height Push Him,And It Caused Him to Not Get The Brakes Fast Enough.
  2. Whats the number one truck you want to see in Monster Jam

    A Checkered Purple And Black STING
  3. breakable trucks

  4. Music thread

    Pt 2(1): Hollywood Undead - Tear It Up
  5. Music thread

    Hollywood Undead - This Love,This Hate Linkin Park - Burn It Down Mudmen - Animal
  6. "The Application Was Unable to Start Correctly."

    Must Have WinZIP,WinRAR (For Me),And The File Is: Rigs_of_Rods_37_117,And Use To Rorconfig
  7. Aarons 499 Pick'Em

    I Don't Think Robby Is Going To Race :l.With All The 'Poo' Thats Gone On For His Team,I Think He's Not Even Bothering This Season
  8. Joining Meshes in Blender Resets Textures

    I got it once,imported from SketchUp to Blender and it worked then.Idk what it is with SketchUp,but,it might just be me.
  9. Aarons 499 Pick'Em

    1.J.Gordon 2.Junebug 3.Jimmie
  10. Funrun at World Finals 9!

    Name: TJ Birmingham Truck: Amsoil Shock Therapy AIM: Cide.Lonnar@gmail.com
  11. Joining Meshes in Blender Resets Textures

    I Retried And For Some Reason It Worked.I Imported From SketchUp To Blender (x2).And It Worked.Maybe Import To SketchUp,Then Back To Blender?
  12. Music thread

    WOOHOO!Deuce FTW!Hollywood Undead Won't Miss Him
  13. Logo Request: Sting

  14. [Custom Track]World Finals 4 INDOOR