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  1. SS™©®

    Power Forward 2002-03

    LOL. I still remember Karl's face the first time his truck went out there and flipped over. His face was priceless, like "what have i got myself into"... Ahh the good old days
  2. SS™©®

    been a long time

    Long time it's been ace! It's me (Hak), glad to see you and the Mrs. are doing well. I haven't raced online since our days back in the day but the guys in the community have done a great job at putting out new tracks and vehicles that look so realistic compared to the good old days lol(those old tracks still hold a soft spot in my heart though lol). Im sure they will chime in and get you updated and back on the track. from what i have been seeing guys have been running .37 some use .38 or 39, and a few have been making the jump to .40 and .45 even though the latter has not quite caught on as of yet. Had a blast with you back in the day bruddeh glad to see you back and glad to see you and the family doing well God Bless
  3. SS™©®

    Oldies Racing Mini Pack

  4. SS™©®

    World Finals 13

  5. SS™©®

    Sim- Monsters V4

  6. SS™©®

    Who's Your Favorite Wrestler? (WWE)

    My favorites were: Randy Savage, Kurt Angle(oh yea it's true! It's Damn True!) Chris Benoit, Shelton Benjamin(underrated), Mr Perfect(swag before the word was even invented), and John Cena(2002-2008) Current: Sasha Banks(BOSS), Cesaro(jason statham lol), Roman(heavy stiff hitter), Sheamus(the ass kicking version stiff heavy hitter, not the current version), and of course The Beast Brock Lesnar Greatest of All Time: Zack Ryder(Woo Woo Woo You Know It!!) lol juss kidding all time is hard but if i had to pick i would go with 4 guys you may not know but if you look them them up i promise you will be impressed if you are a pro wrestling fan(not sports entertainment) Great Muta, Shinsuke Nakamaura, Kensuke Sasaki, and Shinya Hashimoto Greatest Woman Wrestler of All Time: Megumi Kudo
  7. SS™©®

    Madden 08 for PC

    Hey man yeah i still play this game all the time. Been updating it from FootballFreaks since 2010. I never quite figured out how to get the online feature to work though. Would Hamachi have to be installed or something similar?
  8. SS™©®


    you know i always had a dream if you will, that everyone could get together in a server(no trolling of course) and hop in a big rig with their said monster truck loaded then arrive to the arena and unload.. but at last it was just a dream.. Anywho welcome to the fourm alot of good guys here so dive in and hope you enjoy, we are a special small group of guys who just love monster trucks
  9. SS™©®

    3d printing?

    make sure you find out what type of printer he is getting( SLS, SLA, FDM etc) so you make a solid decision on what type of material you choose to use. one would hate to sit and wait for a part then get it on the rc vehicle to only find the durability is not there at all.
  10. SS™©®

    3d printing?

    it really comes down to the quality of 3d printer you are using and the type of material you choose to use, i am assuming your looking for plastic parts to replicate what it is you are trying to do and you have make sure that the plastic is strong most likely ABS, avoid anything with poly in it for for strength and durability. If you can get your hands on a real nice machine you can use metals which will greatly improve the product you are making. Depending on which model you get, one can create an entire chassis out of metal over a 18 hour period never done a full chassis but im looking to do one someday just to try it out
  11. SS™©®

    NR2003 HELP!!

  12. SS™©®

    NR2003 HELP!!

    See the No CD exe needs to have DEP protection disabled in order to work. Some are against this some don't really care. I fall under the lines i don't care. Disabling the DEP will allow windows to not block any exe that it does not see fit in terms of security. Refer you here to read for yourself to make your OWN decision: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-vista/what-is-data-execution-prevention If your cool with that then here is a link on how to disable it: https://techjourney.net/disable-and-turn-off-or-enable-or-turn-on-data-execution-prevention-dep-in-windows/ After you follow the directions and reboot your computer you "should" be able to play Nr2003. If not there are a a couple more tricks. but DEP needs to be disabled anyways for the No CD exe
  13. SS™©®

    NR2003 HELP!!

    you need to do a few things that come to mind. One is the update to Then add the No Cd patch so you can do without having the cd in the disc tray. The next thing is a case by case basis but you may need to diable DEP protection in CMD prompt if after those steps it still crashes as you select drive. If you need help locating these things let me know I'll upload them to my MEGA so you can download them but a a good google search should do the the trick let me know.
  14. SS™©®

    Open Challenge Coke Zero 400 (BR-Gen-6-Mod '15)

    question? is this the CORE Online Racing League server? i just saw a great video explaining setting up a server just was wondering