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    Swamp Donkey

    Version V1


    This is my first painted truck for RoR. Connor Richardson was a big help in this one, helping me clone the truck. Credits: Painting - Me Body/Chassis/Everything Else on the truck - V4 Sim-Monsters Pack Cloning - Connor Richardson
  2. Stephen_Black

    Post your MUG

    Who is this sexy mofo?
  3. Stephen_Black

    Music thread

    The top 10 most played for me. 1. This Fire - Killswitch Engage 2. Stay Awake - Lydia 3. Isolation - Alter Bridge 4. B.B.K. - Korn 5. In the Absence of the Sacred - Lamb of God 6. Punkinhed - Boondox 7. Collection of Butchery - Putrid Pile 8. Rational Gaze - Meshuggah 9. The Raven - The Black Dahlia Murder 10. Die MF Die - Dope
  4. Stephen_Black

    Music thread

    New Whitechapel. The Saw is the Law http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVI6c0TlM2g
  5. Stephen_Black

    Christmas list/what did you get thread

    Money. And most of it went to dipping tobacco. Lol
  6. Stephen_Black

    Music thread

    Listening to the 'Mama Said Knock You Out Cover' by Five Finger Death Punch.
  7. Stephen_Black

    Christmas list/what did you get thread

    Being home for the holidays is the only thing I really want. lol
  8. Stephen_Black

    Post your MUG

    Sorry about this, but this is what I've been up to for the past 5 months.
  9. Stephen_Black

    What Artists Are in Your Playlist?

    For me: AC/DC Alan Jackson Anew Revolution Big Tymers Black Label Society Black Sabbath Bleed the Sky Bloodbath Blue October Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Boondox Brooks and Dunn Cannibal Corpse Carcass Cattle Decapitation Cephalotripsy Chelsea Grin Chimaira Circles Cumbeast Currents Devourment Digested Flesh Disturbed Dope Drowning Pool Dying Fetus Eazy-E Eminem Evanescene Everlast Exhumed Fear Factory Finger Eleven Five Finger Death Punch George Strait Godsmack Gorelord Guns N' Roses Haji's Kitchen I Declare War I.O.N. Inhuman Dissiliency Insane Clown Posse Intracranial Butchery Jay-Z Jim Jones Job For a Cowboy Joe Walsh Johnny Cash Juvenile Kataklysm Kid Rock Kidcrusher Killswitch Engage Koopsta Knicca Korn Lamb of God Led Zeppelin Lee Brice Lil Wayne Limp Bizkit Linkin Park Living Colour Marilyn Manson Metallica Misery Index Mudvayne N.W.A. Nelly Nonpoint One More Victim Ozzy Osbourne P.O.D. Pantera Pearl Jam Pillar Project Pat Puff Daddy Rage Against the Machine Rammstein Red Saliva Seether Shake Well Before Shinedown Skindred Skinless Slayer Slipknot Stereomud Suicide Silence Tech N9ne Three Days Grace Three Six Mafia Tim McGraw Trapt Tru Waking the Cadaver Whitechapel 10 Years
  10. Stephen_Black

    Best Car Brand in 2013

    Gonna go out on a limb and say that Chevy takes the sports car portion of the competition. I don't think any of these guys has anything on the Corvette ZR1.
  11. Stephen_Black

    Music thread

  12. Stephen_Black


    I would love to get a drum set. And learn how to be a Godly drummer like Chris Adler from Lamb of God.
  13. Stephen_Black

    Music thread

  14. Stephen_Black


    That's a plow. And agreed, RKM. I enjoy running iRacing every now and then, but to me, NR2003 will be number one for me for quite sometime. That is, until I leave for Basic Training and come back to find the community has fallen (and even then I have doubts that it would). Then I'll stick to running iRacing.
  15. Stephen_Black


    You know I would run!
  16. Stephen_Black

    World Finals XIV Discussion

    I voted for Daron. He has 8 years of experience. LOL
  17. Stephen_Black

    World Finals XIV Discussion

    Yeah. I'm puzzled as to why Daron is in the Shootout myself. lol
  18. Stephen_Black

    CFMTS Event Line-Ups

    One event should be good enough for me. No guarantee of me making any of the others I tried booking. Always on standby as a fill-in if needed, Auz.
  19. Stephen_Black

    World finals 14 Pick em

    1. Bigfoot 1 2. Bigfoot 2 3. Bigfoot 3 4. Bigfoot 4 5. Bigfoot 5 6. Bigfoot 6 7. Bigfoot 7 8. Bigfoot 8 9. Bigfoot 9 10. Bigfoot 10 11. Bigfoot 11 12. Bigfoot 12 13. Bigfoot 14 14. Bigfoot 15 15. Bigfoot 16 16. Bigfoot 17 17. Bigfoot 18 18. Bigfoot 19 19. Bigfoot 20 20. Snake Bite 21. Ms. Bigfoot 22. Bigfoot Ranger 23. Bigfoot Shuttle 24. Bigfoot Fastrax 25. Reptoid 26. Prowler 27. Pouncer 28. Predator
  20. Stephen_Black

    Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" Thread 2013

    I for one never have cared much for over the top 3D bodies. I'm more of a Snake Bite, Tailgator, or Reptoid kinda guy.
  21. Stephen_Black

    NR2003 Projects - Chapter 1

    Nice stuff.
  22. Stephen_Black

    Budget League?

    I don't think so, Auz. We already have ORL as a budget league.
  23. Stephen_Black

    Sign-Ups (Open January 13th at 6:00 PM EST)

    Name: Stephen Black Driver's Name (Real Life): Joe Sylvester Truck: Bad Habit AIM: Stephen_Black1994
  24. Stephen_Black

    Music thread

  25. Stephen_Black

    CS2 standard suite

    Well, technically, someone hacked the Adobe site. Adobe said to hell with it and then released it for free. xD