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  1. mudtrucks-rule

    Show Your Projects Chapter 1

    its good i just finnally started using ror again now that i finnally have another pc one of my favorite trucks that me and someone did is gone now so im in the process of trying to get the file off the harddrive of that old pc
  2. mudtrucks-rule

    V4 CustomHick Life

    file vannished ;(
  3. mudtrucks-rule

    Show Your Projects Chapter 1

    oh crap lol i didnt even see the date i just got another computer and started roaming the fourms my bad
  4. mudtrucks-rule

    Show Your Projects Chapter 1

    disapear for a year and a half and come back and theres finally a rzr \m/ looks good
  5. mudtrucks-rule

    Hick Life

  6. mudtrucks-rule

    Awesome Kong II

  7. mudtrucks-rule

    Vengeance 7

  8. mudtrucks-rule

    Stunt Track

  9. mudtrucks-rule

    The Fire Truck

  10. mudtrucks-rule

    Sim- Monsters V4

  11. mudtrucks-rule

    Blender 2.49 and Essentials