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  1. Hey Everyone, i'm here to say i will possibly make a return to ror in the future, but i have to get a new laptop first so expect me later this year or in 2015
  2. i accidentally installed the 38 pack into my 37 version, all of the trucks were gone and i can't redo them, there's nothing i can do to get the 38 version, plus i am depressed about v5 being cancelled, as of now til everything works out one day, i am retiring, i will always remember the competitions we had over the years, i'll miss you deeply. plus it was because some of the trucks were getting errors.
  3. Mark Galloway Truck: Sting Aim: spidermanmonstertruck
  4. the stupid lag is costing me the competition, i can't even race or freestyle well when it happens.
  5. wait i didn't see trucks from the pack and the custom trucks i have too.
  6. lately in some leagues and fun runs i can't see my opponent when i race them even though i sometimes hear the engine, i cleared and regained the cache but it was still happening i can't see trucks from the pack as well, i don't want to download a new ror yet until the v5 is out but what do i do ?
  7. Name: Mark Galloway Truck: Tigress Aim: spdiermanmonstertruck ( i have plans on halloween but i will try everything i can to make it
  8. Mark Galloway detour spidermanmonstertruck
  10. i won't make it, i am going to a monster truck 1:00pm show that day, next week i'll be there for sure
  11. Mark Galloway Shocker spidermanmonstertruck
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