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  1. DaveTheSmasher

    V4 Leafer Pack#1

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  3. DaveTheSmasher

    Modern 1: NLS3 Event Thread (Jan 18th)

    Freestyle will be picked up on next Monday Night from 7:30 PM EST - 11:00 PM EST. Whoever is registered for this event as of tonight is eligible to compete next week. For those who can not make it, simply message me and we will accommodate you with an appropriate time to make your freestyle run and have it judged.
  4. DaveTheSmasher

    Modern 1: NLS3 Event Thread (Jan 18th)

    Congrats to Aaron Lurie who picked up his first ever PPRL Modern Division Racing win tonight driving Monster Energy Pro 4! Aaron, the fast qualifier had to out duel Tyler May after a hotly contested semi final round match up saw both trucks tied forcing a best of three match up. Aaron faced Mike Alford in the finals racing Monster Energy, who was the second fastest qualifier. Aaron with his win is now the points leader in the racing portion of the Modern Division!
  5. DaveTheSmasher

    Modern 1: NLS3 Event Thread (Jan 18th)

    Registrations have ended!
  6. DaveTheSmasher

    Winter Heat Point Standings

    Modern 1 is rescheduled until next week. Nobody who signed up for Modern is losing an event. There is two Classic events remaining and three Modern.
  7. Congratulations to Mark Colineri who was our first PPRL winner in 2016 at Mankato Speedway's Figure 8 Classic Division Course. Mark piloting The Heartbeat of America Chevy vaulted past a surging MTM2 veteran David Stewart in Stomper 1 in a hotly contested final round race. Mark would score maximum points on the evening due to his 27.92 qualifying time. Mark takes the early season lead in the Overall Standings and in the Classic Division Racing standings. Other notable highlights included Awesome Kong II driven by Fernando Martinez crash into the woods in qualifying before coming back to a close race with Seth Holloway in Stomper 85. David Stewart and David Collard's first round matchup came down to just a wheel length victory for Stewart and also in a hotly contested bought Tyler May and Mike Alford put on a great side by side race! Thank You to everyone who came out and competed with us tonight and we look forward to seeing everyone at Classic Event # 2 at Travis McCarthy center in a few weeks!
  8. DaveTheSmasher

    Modern 1: NLS3 Event Thread (Jan 18th)

    This event due to the technical issues that were overcame by my PC and a few of the other competitors has caused its movement of dates to NEXT Monday January 18th. All existing registrations will be honored, and all new registrations are still being accepted. I would like to apologize for the last minute disaster that was overcome by several of us trying to get the competitors trucks added to our archives. Unfortunately these things DO happen in this game and many other from time to time. When adding a certain vehicle into my main smv4.zip pack a file corrupted itself and many others associated with it. The necessary steps will be taken to rectify the problem moving forward into next week. Thank You!
  9. DaveTheSmasher

    Winter Heat Point Standings

    Overall Championship Classic Division RankDriver NamePoints RankDriver NamePoints1Mark Colineri55 1Mark Colineri552Tyler May40 2Tyler May403David Stewart40 3David Stewart404Seth Holloway40 4Seth Holloway405Fernando Martinez30 5Fernando Martinez306David Collard30 6David Collard307Mike Alford30 7Mike Alford30
  10. DaveTheSmasher

    Modern 1: NLS3 Event Thread (Jan 18th)

    Registrations have closed officially.
  11. DaveTheSmasher

    Modern 1: NLS3 Event Thread (Jan 18th)

    2 hours until show time!
  12. DaveTheSmasher

    Modern 1: NLS3 Event Thread (Jan 18th)

    Is Over'Rev'd just a cage? Or does it have a body. I did not see any body for either the qualifying or regular version.
  13. DaveTheSmasher

    Modern 1: NLS3 Event Thread (Jan 18th)

    Truck works fine although I seem to be missing a chassis texture. Not the end of the world but just a heads up.
  14. DaveTheSmasher

    Winter Heat Signups

    Driver Name: David Collard AIM Screen Name: DaveTheSmasher Divisions Competing (Modern, Classic, Both): Both Modern Racing Truck: Skull Crusher Modern Racing Truck Direct Download Link: http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/1380-dave-collards-skull-crusher/ Modern Freestyle Song: KoRn - Blind Classic Racing Truck: Stomper 1988 Classic Racing Truck Direct Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/h17chxegcm6kzs9/PPRLleafers.zip Frame Rate Hardships (Yes or No): No Connection Hardships (Yes or No): No Other Information: Last Modified: