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    Become a monter truck drive someday. Keep enjoying ROR in the mean while!!!!!!.

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    For me the truck ain't showing up in game, only the wheels,diffs, and the flag. and i ran it on .37, .39, .4
  1. Great truck overall and awsome job ,believe one of my favorites is #12 , but... the chassis is a little bit short ,you can see on this pic that the chassis passes the back and front body and tires , thanks for making the truck.
  2. I have a few videos of the 2015 season but i havent uploaded them to YouTube.
  3. Me too , when i extracted all my trucks from zip. to folders , its been like that ive tried alot of things and NO succes .
  4. I can't find or wont show the music in Firstcom.com ,i have tried lots of diffferent ways and still cant find a solution
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