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  1. I tried this track on 0.37 and it doesn't work
  2. Hey it looks good enough to me i give it a B+
  3. Picky Much? unless you're saying it as a joke
  4. This is with out a doubt the most realistic Grave Digger i've ever driven you did an Awesome job
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esCvMOMAFf0
  6. I've died and gone to Max-D Haven i can't wait to drive these trucks
  7. Awesome work can't wait till that Max-D gets released if it does
  8. So i found that Monster jam will be telecasted on Fox Sports here is a link to where you can read this for you're self http://www.monsterjam.com/News/2013/11/11/1/
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