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  1. Okay i just recive from facebook and i found monster jam on cbs sports will air on december 23 2012.
  2. You need to work on the 4 wheel jamboree nationals tacks like springfeild lima bloomsburg and indiapolis.
  3. how long does the black captains curse come out?
  4. we have one week until this new monster jam game come out.
  5. golly those are all new for 2013 i can hope i will see all of them in vegas.
  6. Did george balhan got a new inhouse chassis (cohen) at costa rica? The new el diablo monster truvk is new for monster jam in 2013.
  7. first monster jam in dodgers stadium is canceled and now that?
  8. you can make the black captains curse max-d 10th anniversary black and yellow el toro loco and 2013 blue thunder.
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