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    Overkill Evolution

    Version 1.1


    After about two months of very hard work, I can proudly say that Overkill Evolution is now released! This is probably my best work in Rigs of Rods to date, and I couldn't have done it without a great team of people behind me! Enough said, let's get to the credits so these people can get the recognition they deserve! Building Team: Daniel Donnelly (DanDon) Mark Colineri (Mark Colineri) Nicholas Kozak (Outlawed) John Dough (John Dough) Johan Seminario (acdcfan56) Matt Wilkinson (SealedGecko) Edy Beltran (Coconutmen) Credits: Body Model/Graphics - John Dough, acdcfan56 Chassis Model - Outlawed Chassis Construction - DanDon, Mark Colineri Chassis Texturing - Mark Colineri Engine Model/Textures - SealedGecko, RockCrwlr, Mark Colineri Transmission Model/Textures - acdcfan56 Transfer Case/Output Shafts Model/Texture - crazyman444 (modified by DanDon) Lexan/Diamond Plate Models - DanDon (textured by Mark Colineri) Pedals Model/Textures - acdcfan56 Shocks Model/Textures - Sim-Monsters V4 Pack Makers (modified by DanDon), Coconutmen Tire Model/Texture - RockCrwlr Rim Model/Texture - acdcfan56 (modified by Wambo, DanDon), Wambo 4-Link Bar, Steering Ram, Tie Rod, Driveshaft Model/Textures/Placement - DanDon Axle Housing Model/Texture - crazyman444 (about 80% modified by DanDon), DanDon Rear Steer Motor Model - DanDon Coil Model/Texture - Sim-Monsters V4 Pack Makers, Coconutmen Battery Model/Texture - Sim-Monsters V4 Pack Makers Shock Placement - DanDon, SealedGecko Suspension Set-Up - DanDon If I forgot anyone or anything, I do apologize and let me know through a private message and I will be sure to update the list of credits! Another big thanks to everyone involved and I hope everyone on the Sim-Monsters community enjoys this awesome truck!
  2. dd07205

    Show Your Projects Chapter 54

    The first time that body has been in one piece since it came from Trey Myers' shop. Very nice.
  3. dd07205

    Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

    Dave brought a methanol big block to put in the truck for the winter season.
  4. dd07205

    Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

    Gregory isn't going to be running next winter as far as I know.
  5. dd07205

    Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

    The chassis is staying blue, and the Higher Education chassis is staying black as well.
  6. dd07205

    Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

    JR and Matt are still running their trucks for Q1. The Higher Education chassis will have the Rottweiler body while the Iron Warrior chassis will have the Thunder body. And no, Mikey is not driving for Feld. He will still be driving EVO for next winter.
  7. dd07205

    Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

    Money was never made off of the IZOD Center. They were so far into the pooper financially that Monster Jam wound up being one of the last events ever done there before it was shut down. It's used as a rehearsal hall for concerts going to MetLife Stadium now.
  8. dd07205

    Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

    That's not the reason why. Lineups aren't complete yet across the board. There's still some teams that have yet to be added.
  9. dd07205

    Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K16 Thread

    Zachary did not cry after that jump. Haha
  10. dd07205

    Stinger 2k14



    I've had this truck laying around for a few months now, so I finally got around to finishing it up and cleaning it up for release this time around so everyone here on Sim-Monsters can enjoy it. This is Zane Rettew's Stinger 2k14. Enjoy! CREDITS: Daniel Donnelly (DanDon) - Prop placement/adjustment, tie rod model/textures, fusing Ford Raptor and Stinger bodies together, rim model/texture editing, other miscellaneous things Zach Steele (Ghostx) - Mapping the body, fixing texturing on the body Andrew Sheets (Andrew) - Body model editing Sim-Monsters Staff - Other parts *If I forgot anyone in specific, please let me know through private message here on Sim-Monsters or through AIM at dandonmt@aol.com*
  11. dd07205

    Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K16 Thread

    It helps with visibility during muddy events where mud will get caked up outside and inside the windshield, but if it also helps when you don't have the proper cleaner or cleaning tools for it. If you don't use the right type of cleaner on it or the right type of rag/cloth, it'll streak really badly and it'll really mess with the vision of whoever's driving when it's really sunny outside or when the lights are bright at indoor venues. I've used both great and crappy cleaners and rags to clean Lexan, so I can tell you first hand that it'll either be invisible or streaked to the point of no return.
  12. dd07205

    Indianapolis 2005

    Now all we need is Paxton and we're good...
  13. dd07205

    Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K16 Thread

    Pretty sure it was Joe Dirt.
  14. dd07205

    Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K16 Thread

    There have been Supercross events at stadiums before that Monster Jam haven't gone to. Not saying that these places may never get Monster Jam in them, but I'm not saying that they definitely will because of Supercross going there. Supercross caters to a much broader market than Monster Jam does and has a lot larger of a following than Monster Jam, so there may be more demand for it from venues.
  15. dd07205

    Grave Digger 27 2016

    That's pretty neat.
  16. dd07205

    Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K16 Thread

    Zane still has the Shuttle. He's got 2 race trucks, 2 ride trucks, and 2 tanks now.
  17. dd07205

    Show Your Arguments Chapter 47

    All you're missing is the window pane sun roof and you're good.
  18. dd07205

    Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K16 Thread

    Somebody that was working at that event said that the rear steering hoses kept blowing off of the steering rams, so it probably just had no hydraulic pressure being held in the system when that picture was taken. In due time they'll have that thing running good.
  19. dd07205

    WF 17 Racing & FS

    The track is great, but the entire tabletop on freestyle (one closest to the scoreboard) is too tall. Shorten that a bit and it'd be good.
  20. dd07205

    Fun Run @ St. Louis, Missouri - 4/8/16

  21. dd07205

    Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K16 Thread

    Display in Maryland; and yep, that's Matt's S-K BS chassis.
  22. dd07205

    Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K16 Thread

    The chrome body was only on for qualifying and racing. We threw the junky FS1 Championship Series body on it for freestyle since Mikey told us he planned on bringing EVO out in a body bag after his run. Mike and Marty didn't want to new body to get torn to pieces since it was just getting done wrapped at 4:00am on Thursday morning. Plus, every year in freestyle at the Finals, the old body goes on so the new one gets saved for the next event. And as far as I know, this body will stay on for the rest of 2016.