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  1. The rule is if you roll in the first 30 seconds in stadiums or 15 seconds in arenas, you cannot be scored. But, you do still get points for freestyle placement, even if it is only 1 or 2. Also Harpers Carolina Crusher appears to be on the former Big Kahuna race source frame.
  2. Bailey Shea is taking over for Aaron Cain in Quad Chaos on the Toughest Monster Truck Tour in 2020
  3. You say that as if your idea is the only way, and have taken no time to consider what other people are saying about your idea and the industry as a whole, and just answer with “well no ones listening to my great ideas because they have to dislike me”. You wanted a discussion and you got it, don’t take it so personally if people don’t agree with you, it’s the whole point of a discussion. Plain and simple, monster trucks will never be a racing based sport again, and if you ask me it’s a good thing because that’s what keeping monster trucks around and popular. But at the same by no means am I telling you not to pursue it, because if you want to anything can be tried out. Lots of different series and ideas have been attempted in this industry and you never know what will actually happen until it happens.
  4. The thing you have to realize is that there is substance in my eyes. For those that want to follow it, there is a real legit points series. And like I said, the majority of Monster Jam stadium shows are independents, 8 indies and 6 Mj trucks. They’re sending indies over seas. There’s a tour of random shows completely made up of indies! So in my eyes their not pushing indies out, and they never will because they simply cannot supply all the trucks, but there’s nothing wrong with supplying some, because there has to be some money made outside of the show profits, so that’s where merch comes in. Also, I really don’t understand the 3D body hate honestly. You can’t convince me that Kraken, Wolfs Head, Dragon, Megalodon and others just aren’t bad ass. I think what I’m getting at is that MJ still has legitimacy, but can also provide for fun family entertainment that is imploding MTs all over the world! And they’re not choking out others either. Toughest MT Tour, Throwdown, etc are huge. They do some huge shows. I really just disagree with anyone who thinks MJ is ruining the business, because they’re helping it. And I don’t think anything like the old penda or TNT days will ever make it on its own again- there’s a reason they moved away from it. Stuff that still has that old school racing like the 4 wheel jamborees just aren’t as popular anymore, so it’s really just a good thing that MTs can survive as entertainment to those who want it to be, and a sport to those who chose to see it that way because it still is a sport.
  5. I think you’re the one kind of missing the point- For one, I think your idea is pretty awesome. But I think you missed my major point- that those motor sports that are geared towards adults- Supercross, NHRA, etc- are really not as popular anymore it seems. It honestly amazes me that they still have the backing they do. My other big point is that in my honest opinion, I think Mj has a good mix of both. They have the point series with a real reward for the people who want to follow along, with legit racing- trust me, it’s not rigged, our trucks have won plenty over MJ trucks- and it also has the kid feel with the crazy trucks and antics. And MJ isn’t kicking indies to the curb- all stadium tours are made up of a majority of indies, every arena tour has atleast 2 indies, and other random shows are only indies. In my personal opinion MJ is doing it right, and helping the industry grow. And on top of that, like I said before, not sure if you read that part- your idea is cool, but just not feasible for the trucks performance wise. I also feel your claims of people just disagreeing with you to disagree is a little out of line, you demanded people share their view, they did, and now you attack them because it’s not your view. Kind of defeats the purpose of opinions and discussions
  6. I think a big problem with circuit racing is is that these trucks just aren’t built to handle running past 2 minutes or so- the cooling system simply cannot keep up, and the amount of fuel they down would be insane in those races. You’d be looking at a lot of down time just to cool trucks down. I think it would be cool, but just not feasible for a monster truck. The other big point I’d like to make is is that while it’s geared towards kids, I think those parents enjoy all those same things just as much. I love a good race, but I also love to watch a insane or a nice clean freestyle as well. Another thing to look at is those sports you compare to- NASCAR, Supercross, NHRA, etc, the big legit racing series- are falling off. I don’t think it’s any secret that Nascar is declining, and I think the only reason the NHRA has kinda climbed back up a little is because of the huge popularlity of Street Outlaws. I just think those legit motor sports don’t have the following anymore. I think MTs have all the makings of that- dramatic story lines(thrashes and such) and some amazing action, but I just don’t think it’s a big time legit racing only series anymore. Maybe one day, but I just don’t think it’s there right now.
  7. That’s Colton and Tony, Tanner was not apart of that ATV race
  8. Many of those trucks that we’re on the arena tour last year, Stinger, Barbarian etc will be making appearances in the other various arena shows throughout first quarter that are not apart of a tour, meaning no points there either
  9. He sold it to those people who are supposedly coming out as a new promotion, Garden Bros motorsports. They also bought Ballisitc
  10. Bad Desicion is the old Brute Force, which was originally owned by John White, sold to the Perry’s, and bought back by John and renamed and now driven by his son Alex.
  11. Yeah, when I first made the list was when Miss Overbored was still on the Willy’s chassis and hadn’t run on the black pearl chassis yet. But I haven’t changed it because I figured the 3 names plus Wild Side being listed in other identities still gives the idea of only 3 chassis with 4 names essentially.
  12. Did some updating to the list, lots of changes in the past few months! Several new trucks have debuted, Tre Knight has debuted his team of trucks, Black Gold and Fools Gold(also heard it was named Eye Candy?), the former Brute Force returned to original owner John White and was transformed into Bad Descision, the former West Virginia Mountaineer became John Fitzgerald’s Turbulence, Monster X Tour acquired several trucks, Walking Tall has a new owner in Tyler Wind, and much more! Check it out!
  13. A new truck driven (and I assume owned by) Trey Knight called Black Gold debuted in Gonzales Texas, it’s just an all black trophy truck at the moment, no wrap yet so I figured no point in posting a pic yet lol. It’s a Flame Motorsports chassis.
  14. Little shake up for 2Xtremes B Team this weekend In Austin, TX with Rod Schmidt getting behind the wheel of Jekyll and Hyde and Kristen Hope taking the reigns of Iron Outlaw for the weekend!
  15. I think this year is kind of a test year, being its first year in somewhere other than Vegas. Excited to see it regardless of the lineup because I think it’s anyone in this fields game
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