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  1. NitroMenace

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    Brad Allen will be behind the wheel of Team Screams B Team Monster Mutt truck this weekend in Huntsville, AL
  2. NitroMenace

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    Lots of shakeups this weekend. Kristen becomes the first female driver of Ice Cream Man this weekend in Toledo. Jared Eichelberger will be driving Tristan England’s Earth Shaker this weekend in Toledo and from now on as Tristan heals up from a fractured ankle. Becky McDonough is in Soldier Fortune this weekend for Kayla Blood in Raleigh, NC and lastly Roger Stidell is going to be behind the wheel of Steve Thompsons Earth Shaker in Vancouver BC
  3. NitroMenace

    Show Your Projects Chapter 65

    Looks awesome! Is it hard to make trucks on the road? I’ve been wanting to learn but last time I tried I couldn’t get blender to work on my computer lol
  4. NitroMenace

    MJ World Finals 18 Freestyle

    I rolled in the turn.
  5. NitroMenace

    On purchasing a monster truck

    Another thing to remember with a new truck is it’ll take time to tune it in the way you want it, especially as you’re learning
  6. NitroMenace

    On purchasing a monster truck

    Yeah you’re only allowed to run 10% on the super chargers which with MTs is plenty, and so is 1400 HP lol
  7. NitroMenace

    On purchasing a monster truck

    That’s the thing about Midgette that I think really sets him apart. He builds motors for MTs, and longevity. I actually had the chance to meet and work with Richard himself this week while we were at Diggers, and he is excellent. He builds great motors, and is an awesome person to work with and really cares about his customers and is basically the only one out there building motors to do what MTs do, so honestly it is probably the best bet if you ask me.
  8. NitroMenace

    On purchasing a monster truck

    That I don’t know of, you’d just have to do some research on that one.
  9. NitroMenace

    On purchasing a monster truck

    There’s not many Racesource trucks out there, really none of them are competing much these days that I know of. There’s not many Concussion trucks either- Bigfoot 21, Monster Patrol, Wild Thang, the new Bear Foot, and Midnight Rider are the only ones I know of. They are good trucks, but high motor/highCG. The new gen PEIs- Stinger Unleashed, Pretty Wicked, and the new Jester- are lower CG but still not quite as low as the others I don’t think. Personally design wise I like the new CRDs/Cohens/Edys the best, and that’s probably what I would buy and they’re all basically the same truck, not sure the price difference tho. The new PEIs are pretty stout too, Zane rolled his like 100 times last year and it still looked to be in good shape
  10. NitroMenace

    On purchasing a monster truck

    Correct, most MTs use a single MSD Pro billet mag and points box rather than the standard distributor system because the mags generate a lot more power. I wasn’t trying to take anything away from you, was just trying to show ya the best thing I would think to do for your engines, and wasn’t sure what you knew lol. Personal I recommend Dart blocks or Merlin’s and the internals is really up to you but it’s not hard to find parts there are tons of manufacturers making performance parts. Main point being you want to find the best parts you can and while it takes a lot of money use the best parts you can or you’ll spend hours chasing constantly broken parts
  11. NitroMenace

    On purchasing a monster truck

    Well the problem with that motor right there is that it’s only rated for 670 HP. Yes the trucks run off methanol, and super chargers. A super charger basically shoves more air into the engine so you need to build an engine with internals(crankshaft, pistons, etc.) that can handle 1300+HP and honestly you’d probably spend more money rebuilding that crate motor than you would having someone just build the correct motor to begin with
  12. NitroMenace

    On purchasing a monster truck

    @Outlawed Ah, okay. Thanks for the info! Always good to learn
  13. NitroMenace

    On purchasing a monster truck

    If you’re wanting something for racing, a CRD or a David Smith chassis would probably be best, they sit low and run well, but there’s a lot more that goes into it, shock angle, your shock tuning, etc. It’s hard to give you a definite answer for a hypothetical truck lol. And engines for most People is just a somewhat local race engine shop, definitely want a place good with blower motors. Usually you order the parts you want, and they build it. Also on a chassis you do want to be careful on how you set it up, the lower you set it up it can make the truck harder to jump. A good example I use is my uncle, Darren owns 2 old gen high motor PEIs, and because the CG is so high they get off the ground with a lot less effort, vs the CRD Bounty Hunter he built when he worked for Creten, which sat much lower, he said you had to drive the truck a lot harder to make it jump the way you wanted. Also, tuning the truck in the way you want it exactly takes a lot of time and small adjustments, because there’s no telling what shocks will do. When I worked for Darren we set Jailbird and Nitro Menace at the same ride height, same pressures in the shocks, same shocks and same valving inside of the shocks. Nitro Menace drove and landed like a dream, while Jailbird just bounced off the ground like the shocks weren’t even moving when the truck hit the ground. Hopefully this is makes some sense lol. Oh and no that Storm Damage is a J&B chassis, dont believe they are doing them anymore that I know of. They built that storm Damage, the silver chassis that was Earth shaker/Hurricane Force last year and is now Fire Zombie/Storm damage, and they also built the green Stinger chassis and the Master of Disaster chassis.
  14. NitroMenace

    On purchasing a monster truck

    So while a lot of those trucks resemble Cohens, they are actually built by Edy Majaka (idk if that’s how you spell it) I’m not sure if he works for Cohen or what, but I know Edy built both Overbored/Black Pearl and Hurricane Force. Edy is also currently crew chief for Team Overbored. As far as building the truck yourself it’d probably be around the same price as buying turn key, but I guess personally building the truck yourself gives you the option to build the truck exactly how you want it- which when you have a lot of experience in this business like I do, you know all kinds of little things you’d want to do but I think the biggest thing as someone new is that you have to learn the truck so you should just built it yourself. Plus it helps you to learn what all parts you need, and where to get them as well. Chassis wise it varies by price but I think a bare PEI chassis with shock mounts, lexan tabs, 4 link tabs and all the cages/guards that fit that chassis is around 15-17 I believe or maybe a little more now. CRD has a pretty cool deal, you can actually purchase a lot of basically the chassis but not built, and instructions on how and where to put each bar and such. Of course you’d want to be a good welder if you’re going to take that route. When it comes to monsters there’s a million and one different little things you can do to your truck, and honestly it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what you’re wanting to know without knowing what it is that you want to build. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the new Bad Company is also one of those Edy/Cohen chassis.
  15. NitroMenace

    On purchasing a monster truck

    He does not, he runs the same Hemi motor as the Hall brothers does. And basically just call him up and order a frame and he’ll probably ask what all you want done to it. And honestly you should learn to work on the truck, because to be the best driver you should know and understand how the truck works and what every part is and how everything works basically. A lot of the best drivers out there are former crew chiefs or independents who know the ins and outs of their trucks.