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  1. A new truck driven (and I assume owned by) Trey Knight called Black Gold debuted in Gonzales Texas, it’s just an all black trophy truck at the moment, no wrap yet so I figured no point in posting a pic yet lol. It’s a Flame Motorsports chassis.
  2. Little shake up for 2Xtremes B Team this weekend In Austin, TX with Rod Schmidt getting behind the wheel of Jekyll and Hyde and Kristen Hope taking the reigns of Iron Outlaw for the weekend!
  3. I think this year is kind of a test year, being its first year in somewhere other than Vegas. Excited to see it regardless of the lineup because I think it’s anyone in this fields game
  4. Brandon Vinson joins Tristan England, Tyler Menninga and Todd LeDuc in the World Finals 20 lineup after winning Triple Threat Central. The next champion to be crowned will be Stadium tour 2 in Philly on April 20th of which Adam Anderson has a slight lead on Neil Elliott. Stadium tour 1, which Tom Meents currently leads, has 2 stops left, ending on April 27th in Denver. And Arena Tour 4 is the last to end, ending on May 5th in Manchester, Randy Brown currently leads there.
  5. How is that fair to the drivers to group them all together like that? Or to take them out of the truck they won in? If you earn your spot you should get to drive your truck. Besides Charlie didn’t win his tour so he’ll more than likely be in Mutt not Digger this year. And how’s the points ruining MJ? I think they’re awesome. It’s added so much more competition and something to truly keep up with as a fan on who’s winning what, I think the points series is great. And before anyone says it’s rigged, it’s not. The Digger on my tour finished in 4th place. Stinger Unleashed (indie) is in second place and has had the lead over Digger a few times. I think the points is helping MJ, not hurting.
  6. Note that ATV, Speedster and 2 wheels are all based on wins and averages in those competitions, so being that Jared did one triple threat show this year he won’t be in st all.
  7. Kristen is taking Wolfs Head over as the permanent driver next weekend in Syracuse. Also she won her first overall last night here in Southaven in ICM! edit: Todd LeDuc joins Tyler Menninga and Tristan England in World Finals XX as the stadium tour 3 champion! Next champion to be crowned will be Triple Threat Central next weekend In Columbus,OH
  8. Brad Allen will be behind the wheel of Team Screams B Team Monster Mutt truck this weekend in Huntsville, AL
  9. Lots of shakeups this weekend. Kristen becomes the first female driver of Ice Cream Man this weekend in Toledo. Jared Eichelberger will be driving Tristan England’s Earth Shaker this weekend in Toledo and from now on as Tristan heals up from a fractured ankle. Becky McDonough is in Soldier Fortune this weekend for Kayla Blood in Raleigh, NC and lastly Roger Stidell is going to be behind the wheel of Steve Thompsons Earth Shaker in Vancouver BC
  10. Looks awesome! Is it hard to make trucks on the road? I’ve been wanting to learn but last time I tried I couldn’t get blender to work on my computer lol
  11. Another thing to remember with a new truck is it’ll take time to tune it in the way you want it, especially as you’re learning
  12. Yeah you’re only allowed to run 10% on the super chargers which with MTs is plenty, and so is 1400 HP lol
  13. That’s the thing about Midgette that I think really sets him apart. He builds motors for MTs, and longevity. I actually had the chance to meet and work with Richard himself this week while we were at Diggers, and he is excellent. He builds great motors, and is an awesome person to work with and really cares about his customers and is basically the only one out there building motors to do what MTs do, so honestly it is probably the best bet if you ask me.
  14. That I don’t know of, you’d just have to do some research on that one.
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