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  1. World Finals XIX Discussion

    That wouldn’t surprise me, it’s what he did last year. I just think it’s too plain- and way to early in the week, he hasn’t even done the Sams Town display yet- to be the WF scheme I think. I do love the Nomad body and hope it’s the body with an awesome scheme. But even if it is that body it’s pretty sweet. Plus Axe is cool and the only other indie truck for team scream they could display with their body so why not display it lol. Although I will say I kinda figured John would throw in Bad Company like Diesel Dave did a few years ago when he drove for Koehler, but either way it’ll be cool
  2. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Not sold on that being the WF Body... I like the way it looks, but we have never seen it out this early so personally thinking that it’s not the WF body for Avenger
  3. Crew Member Perspective- Nick Migues' blog!

    For April it’s supposed to be an FTI themed truck (our Transmission sponsor) and after that it’s actually supposed to be switching to Kristen’s truck as the Big Bad Wolf Wolfs Head oil truck (another Amalie company) and Jack is going to move over to RK or ICM. Not sure the exact plan but that’s the general idea for right now
  4. Crew Member Perspective- Nick Migues' blog!

    Just realized I never did this lol. Last week was a long time coming in Grand Rapids Michigan. 5 shows in 3 days, rounding out our stretch of 11 shows in 10 days (which is a MJ record). Friday night if I remember right we didn’t have any issues, Saturday we did our usual preventive maintenance and basically I don’t remember when anything happened but we broke 2 axles and changed an orbital twice and had to fix an axle that unsplined once so it was another long weekend. A long 10 weeks and a long first quarter. It was a lot of work, but we had a blast and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. We may not have made World Finals but that’s okay next year it’ll be cool to be apart of the first World Finals that travels around. Me Kristen and Rudy will all be at the World Finals tho as fans. This past week we’ve been back at our shop in Florida which has been kinda hectic as we’ve been trying to get the shop organized and cleaned up and we’ve also been moving into an apartment this week which is exciting. And this weekend we’re hanging out at the Amalie Oil NHRA Gatornationals as well which is pretty sweet. We also have some big news.. starting March 30th in Green Cove Springs FL Kristen will be driving Razin Kane! Hopefully in that show she can get approved for Monster Jam and if she does she’ll be doing all of our April Monster Jam shows as well. Pretty exciting stuff!
  5. WF19 Attendees?

    I’ll be there, 3rd year straight! Just wish our team was competing lol
  6. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Pablo hasn’t won the series yet so there’s no way that’s real. The series still has to be decided tonight
  7. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    If Pablo wins Cam is out, if Cam wins Pablo is out. Whoever wins gets the spot no matter what
  8. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    The Wrecking Crew chassis. The old Avenger that got changed into Wrecking Crew after last years WF and has been John Gordon’s Scooby Doo for first quarter this year
  9. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Honestly a little surprised Mark List got in over Armando. Didn’t expect to see Chuck in the DDS honestly. I will say this DDS mostly has deserving people, id say only questionable ones are Mark List (I’m still not sold on him) and Bernard Lyght but I will say I was impressed by his 21 Racing wins according to MJ. Overall a pretty good lineup that will hopefully make for some good races. Hopefully Krysten has a better year. Overall being that my family is close with 2Xtreme (I mean my dad is kinda Creten’s crew chief) i want to see Austin take the win, but wouldn’t mind Cory or Matt Pagliarulo taking it home either
  10. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Final 4 have been announced. Camden Murphy, Krysten Anderson, Bernard Lyght and Linsey Read
  11. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Why’s it matter what name is on the side of the truck? Vegas is the show case of the best drivers. You should probably just stop being a MJ fan because you are honestly ridiculous. Also if Pablo beats Cam in points this weekend, Pablo gets the spot and Cam doesn’t
  12. World Finals XIX Discussion

    I could see both of those actually except Colt. Colt technically can’t be in the DDS since he has driven in the WF. But Brodozer I could see them putting a diesel bro in for DDS. And would be cool to see Chuck in DDS finally having some sort of shot in Vegas but I also have a feeling with Kayla and probably Armando taking up the El Toro spots I’m not sure it’s possible for Chuck to make it in
  13. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Actually the DDS winner should make 32. The AT4 Champ makes 31, which will be either Cam McQueen or Pablo Huffaker, which Cam is leadin by 2 points right now. If Pablo wins then that makes 5 Grave Diggers in the WF which is the most ever so far if he wins
  14. World Finals XIX Discussion

    I think the last 3 are gonna be Bari, Colton and Colt. I’d love to see the last 3 be Colton, Colt and Chuck as well tho. I think Bari is an excellent driver personally, so I think it’s a hard choice between Colt Chuck Bari and Colton and I’m not really sure who the best cut would be. I’d say for sure we see Colt and Brodozer unless they just give Colt the Zombie spot but I also think Brodozer will be competing in some way, but you could also say Brodozer could be in double down with a diesel bro (which is absurd but I could also see it happening now that I think about it). I hope that Chad is straight up out of the question because he just isn’t good like at all.
  15. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Hate to say it but I don’t think Eric will be in anything simply because he didn’t take a full schedule. And man you’re crazy.. Creten and Marc have had great years compared to the People you want to see. You can’t put people in the WF because you want new names and faces who had okay seasons, you put people in the WF because their consistent competitive drivers who have what it takes to win so you’re crazy for wanting to put someone like Matt or Scott Hartsock in over Jim Creten.