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Hi there, i'm NitroMenace, aka Nick Migues. I was sort of born into the monster truck business, as my dad and uncle got into it.. After I was born, but long before I could do anything but roll around transport tires. My dad is Cameron Migues, the 2015 UTI Technician of the year and is the former crew chief of the 2Xtreme racing team, among working for other teams like Playn 4 Keeps, Storm Damage/Hurricane Force, and TK Motorsports. My uncle,Darren Migues, is the owner of TK Motorsports, home of the Nitro Menace(hence the name) and Jailbird monster trucks, while also being a former driver in trucks like Bounty Hunter, Scarlet Bandit, Iron Outlaw, Red Baron, Team Survivor, and even Bigfoot. I am currently the crew chief for TK Motorsports