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  1. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    The Wrecking Crew chassis. The old Avenger that got changed into Wrecking Crew after last years WF and has been John Gordon’s Scooby Doo for first quarter this year
  2. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Honestly a little surprised Mark List got in over Armando. Didn’t expect to see Chuck in the DDS honestly. I will say this DDS mostly has deserving people, id say only questionable ones are Mark List (I’m still not sold on him) and Bernard Lyght but I will say I was impressed by his 21 Racing wins according to MJ. Overall a pretty good lineup that will hopefully make for some good races. Hopefully Krysten has a better year. Overall being that my family is close with 2Xtreme (I mean my dad is kinda Creten’s crew chief) i want to see Austin take the win, but wouldn’t mind Cory or Matt Pagliarulo taking it home either
  3. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Final 4 have been announced. Camden Murphy, Krysten Anderson, Bernard Lyght and Linsey Read
  4. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Why’s it matter what name is on the side of the truck? Vegas is the show case of the best drivers. You should probably just stop being a MJ fan because you are honestly ridiculous. Also if Pablo beats Cam in points this weekend, Pablo gets the spot and Cam doesn’t
  5. World Finals XIX Discussion

    I could see both of those actually except Colt. Colt technically can’t be in the DDS since he has driven in the WF. But Brodozer I could see them putting a diesel bro in for DDS. And would be cool to see Chuck in DDS finally having some sort of shot in Vegas but I also have a feeling with Kayla and probably Armando taking up the El Toro spots I’m not sure it’s possible for Chuck to make it in
  6. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Actually the DDS winner should make 32. The AT4 Champ makes 31, which will be either Cam McQueen or Pablo Huffaker, which Cam is leadin by 2 points right now. If Pablo wins then that makes 5 Grave Diggers in the WF which is the most ever so far if he wins
  7. World Finals XIX Discussion

    I think the last 3 are gonna be Bari, Colton and Colt. I’d love to see the last 3 be Colton, Colt and Chuck as well tho. I think Bari is an excellent driver personally, so I think it’s a hard choice between Colt Chuck Bari and Colton and I’m not really sure who the best cut would be. I’d say for sure we see Colt and Brodozer unless they just give Colt the Zombie spot but I also think Brodozer will be competing in some way, but you could also say Brodozer could be in double down with a diesel bro (which is absurd but I could also see it happening now that I think about it). I hope that Chad is straight up out of the question because he just isn’t good like at all.
  8. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Hate to say it but I don’t think Eric will be in anything simply because he didn’t take a full schedule. And man you’re crazy.. Creten and Marc have had great years compared to the People you want to see. You can’t put people in the WF because you want new names and faces who had okay seasons, you put people in the WF because their consistent competitive drivers who have what it takes to win so you’re crazy for wanting to put someone like Matt or Scott Hartsock in over Jim Creten.
  9. World Finals XIX Discussion

    I mean of those 3 Creten is really the only one who’s done good.. Rosalee or Roy or Matt hasn’t won anything or dominated in points, where as Creten finished in 4th place in points with multiple wins and is the highest finishing independent in points among Monster Jam so I’d say Creten earned his spot more than they did
  10. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Brianna was on a stadium tour last year so not really fresh off a arena tour, and this is her 3rd straight World Finals appearance. Also Steven is the best Scooby driver they have and he did most of the season so I’d say it’s fair he’s in over someone like CVH who is retired and did one show. And Scott hasn’t really done much lately so I completely disagree with him being back in the finals as he just doesn’t run hard anymore.
  11. World Finals XIX Discussion

    But that would also require Morgan to flop to not be able to retain that big of a lead. And I think we all know Digger doesn’t really flop
  12. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Morgan Kane should be the next in tonight as he should win his tour unless he like blows a motor in intros and Marc sweeps the whole show lol and then TT East will be decided tomorrow
  13. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Now I know either way Marc will be in the finals and same with Morgan but I don’t think Marc can beat Morgan points wise tomorrow with only one show
  14. World Finals XIX Discussion

    I think Tristan should clinch his tour tonight too. I think the east tour is the only one that’ll come down to the last show this weekend
  15. Crew Member Perspective- Nick Migues' blog!

    Well the tour is nearing the end and we just wrapped up 6 shows in Rosemont Illinois. The last week we spent at Vaters for the last time this year, and did another display with Mutt in Rosemont. Had our first show on Friday night, which started off interesting with a surprise visit for the weekend by JR McNeal (our boss of course) and his crew chief Jimmy Walker. Then in 2 Wheels Trent broke an inner axle which we tried to fix during the show but we couldn’t get the broken piece of inner axle out of the locker so we ran donuts with no axle in it then didn’t get to freestyle broke. Got er fixed up for Saturday where things went pretty well, Trent picked up his second 2 wheels skill victory, and we got through both shows pretty easily with no damage except a little body damage on the Mutt because he rolled and the Shark body would not stay on because it was destroyed so it just kept falling off lol. Sunday afternoon in the first round of racing Trent faced off with Jack, and Jack took the win while Trent dropped a valve in the motor which took him out for The rest of the show. JR, Jimmy, Kristen, Rudy and Trent all went To swap the motor in Shark while I stayed with Jack for the shows. Jack not only made it to the semi finals, but then beat Tyler and made it to the finals for the first time where he sadly lost to Colton but it was awesome to see him make it that far in racing and then he later on went on to make it to the finals in speedsters where he won his first competition this year which was awesome! Between shows we had to swap out a rear steer motor because Jacks burnt up while they continued to swap the Shark motor. Then in the second show Jack and Trent were supposed to race again but Shark wasn’t ready yet so Jack advanced to the semis where he took out Tyler once again and made it to the finals again where he lost to Kayla in a good race and then made it to the finals in speedsters where he lost but Jack still had an awesome day competition wise. Then the rest of the team finally got Shark back out for donuts and freestyle of the last show on Sunday which was awesome as well. Then finally our last show on Monday was good, both trucks made it to the semi finals in racing and Trent took out Tyler in the semi finals and then lost to Kayla in the finals of racing. Jack once again made it to the finals of speedsters where he lost again. All around it was an awesome weekend and not bad damage wise for 6 shows. This weekend we wrap up the tour for first quarter in Grand Rapids Michigan! Shark is supposed to have a display Thursday but I dunno because it doesn’t have a body right now lol it might be Mutt. Hoping for a solid ending this weekend. Hope everyone has an awesome week!
  16. So first off ill say all my posts will be replies to this thread from now on so i dont clog up the forum lol. This will be weekly as well so look for them every Monday-Tuesday depending on when I can do it. So I'll start off with my first 2 weeks down in DeLand Florida at the Razin Kane shop. We're building a brand new Amaile Oil Xtermigator truck, and the former Xtermigator got several frame updates and changes to be ready to become Monster Mutt Rottweiler during first quarter. These trucks have fought so hard to go back together. Its just seemed like one thing after another, getting stuck on waiting for parts to show up and other things just not wanting to fit right no matter what. The first week was basic stuff, putting housings and drive lines into the trucks but still didnt have axle parts or the motor and trans for Rott, and same for the Gator, so we got alot of other small stuff like running lines and mounted seats and a few various pumps. Finally over the weekend we got the motor for Rott, and was able to get the motor and trans in.. Finally felt like progress. Then this week, we got our corner/Axle parts, which dont quite want to go together either but after a little fighting we got 2 out of 4 corners completely done and the other 2 were most of the way there.. when we realized that the tie bars and steering rams dont fit, because the knuckles didnt extend out far enough so the bars hit the back of the housing on both the front and back of Rott, so they had to come all back apart to get the housings fixed. Lots of other little problems, which was a bummer seeing as how the trucks were so close at one point before having to undo alot. When we left, Xtermigator just needed shocks, wiring and some other various small things, and Rottweiler needed wiring and all the axle parts. I'm home now, but I think we're going back later this week to help finish up and get ready for our first shows in Nashville, Tn. This week they should be able to get close, I think they got the housings fixed yesterday on Rott and the trucks are getting wired this week as well so hopefully soon they will be ready for the Rottweiler and Razin Kane should be ready for the Megalodon body! it was a awesome experience and I cant wait for first quarter. Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed, I'm not sure how well written this was its my first blog lol but I think I'll get better. Thanks everyone and Merry Christmas! Feel free to hit me up in this forum with questions or feedback too
  17. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Lee O’Donnell joins the World Finals field after winning stadium tour 4 today. I assume soon this week we see Ryan, BJ, Zimmer and maybe a few more announced soon hopefully
  18. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Only truck that’s has ever had the yellow is the stunt truck with the MJ25 body on it but they wouldn’t be those rims because I believe ZFs have a different bolt pattern than Clark’s do
  19. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Hm. Hope to see it soon, was interested to see it lol
  20. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Soooo whatever happened to Brodozer does anyone know lol
  21. World Finals XIX Discussion

    I don’t think Matt is quite ready for main field yet but it would be cool. Personally my main pull for main field is Cole Venard and Black Pearl. Would love to see him in
  22. Crew Member Perspective- Nick Migues' blog!

    The longest weekend ever. Literally. Friday night we kicked some major butt. All night long Digger had issues so Trent battled for overall and led in points a few times. After an ATV wins and a few runner ups, at the end him and Kayla were tied for the overall and the tie breaker was the higher freestyle score so Kayla won. But we paid the price for trying to keep up in points, ripped the spindle right off the knuckle after skying it out. The way our trucks are built, the knuckle is 2 pieces, and the old style knuckles are welded together, and the champagnes are welded to the housing. Along with the knuckle, it took out our wheel tethers, and messed up the hub. So we had to take the knuckle off because it ripped the threads out of it (the spindle bolts to the knuckle BTW). So we had to rip it apart, cut everything apart which was a pain because the Torch wouldn’t work right either. Somewhere around 1 or 2 am I think we finally got it all apart. Somewhere along the line we also decided we needed to swap the transmission out in Megalodon as well, so we had to swap that while Trent did some fab work to get our new parts fixed and ready. We also had to fix Jacks rear steering and we found the housing broke but we actually never fixed it because Jack had to sit the weekend out for some other issues. Around 7 am when the tech officials showed back up we were finishing up putting the axle back together and by 8 we had the tire back on and by 9 the truck was ready. That’s right folks, we didn’t sleep at all. Saturday during the pit party we decided to nap, about 2 minutes into my nap Cody( Scooby crew chief) woke me up cuz I had to move Monster Mutt outside the arena so Kristen and Rudy napped and I chugged a monster and paced the pit party like 5 times lol. Then the first show went pretty good, didn’t have any issues, even got to shower before the 2nd show which was nice lol. 2nd show the show went well again, didn’t have any issues again except Trent rolled in freestyle so we were up til about 12 am fixing the body. After almost 41 hours straight being awake we finally went to bed around 1 am... got about 5 hours of sleep, and did our last show. We were so exhausted that we could barely stand lol. In our last show the show went good didn’t have any issues other than the body kinda fell apart in freestyle lol so a long long long weekend. On the bright side we don’t have much to do in terms of work before Rosemont. 6 longgggggg shows this weekend. Hope everyone got more sleep then we did! Lol have a good week everyone. Also just out of curiousity how’s everyone liking this? Is there anything I can do to improve my blogs? I like writing them but I feel like I’ve gotten kinda flat lol so feel free to let me know and make suggestions
  23. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Believe it or not, Judges Zone is real. They straight up told us they don’t care who wins. Digger will still kill it and sell merch whether it wins or not. You can tell it’s real because a run can be lame but have a cool save, and they’ll win just because of that. Definitely still fan judging
  24. World Finals XIX Discussion

    In Vegas it is simply because there is so many trucks and other things that unless to do everything unless you just look at everything without actually doing anything while there. And it’s just a really cool experience all around
  25. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Myranda won freestyle twice this weekend for her first career wins there, and Trent picked up his first two wheels skill win as well this weekend here in Allentown PA