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  1. Hello...?  Anybody still around over here?  Been a while since I last dropped by.

  2. You wanna see a good looking car? The 2016 Mercedes AMG GT looks absolutly incredible. Did I mention they also have a GT3 spec racer? It looks pretty wicked, too. (Trying to upload from my phone, no idea if this'll work or not.)
  3. Metallica530

    NASCAR Discussion

    Ken Squier and Ned Jarrett put every other NASCAR announcer to shame last night, and they were only on for half an hour!
  4. And you bumped the thread that had no new posts in it from almost three weeks ago , why, exactly?
  5. Pretty much the same issues as steiale. Only thing that real irks me is the adds on the top of the page. It's like they can't formated for the mobile version, so the end up running about twice the width of the page, resulting in a really long add, and half of the screen is the actual mobile site, and the other half is just blank space. I'll have to take a look at the desktop version later.
  6. Maybe try clearing it, then booting it back up. Nothing should be in after that, then try regening it. Weird, but it's for me in the past, for some odd reason. If you have any of your old files, maybe try and replace them all, pretty much doing a clean wipe of the trucks and track folders. Just an idea.
  7. I like that actually. Now if onky the body was a VW Bus, then it would really tie the theme together.
  8. You can always reposition the camera for the "roosterpit" for the trucks. I forget exactly where it is in the .truck file, but there are a few numbers that if changed, will move the camera forward/back or up/down. A lot of guy use them for roof cameras. You might be able to move it firward infront of the visor. The field of view might not be all that great, but you'll be able to see.
  9. Even if they added some sort of windscreen infront or around the driver. At least something to deflect incoming debris. As we saw with Wilson, helmets only do so much.
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